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Yachts anchored in Buccament Bay in March 2017. (iWN file photo)
Yachts anchored in Buccament Bay in March 2017. (iWN file photo)
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The government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has relaxed its policy that had required yachties to come ashore for 14 days’ quarantine upon arrival in the country.

“… we did not close our borders, we reduced the port of arrivals entry to three on mainland St. Vincent, and persons who came were required to quarantine on land,” Minister of Tourism Cecil “Ces” McKie told parliament on Monday.  

“As you heard the statement by the Minister of Health this morning, that has now been changed and persons would be allowed to quarantine on their yacht,” he said.

“A lot of the yachties, as you aware, honourable member, come to this part of the world for safe harbour, safe shelter from the storms,” McKie said in response to a question from Opposition Leader Godwin Friday.

“So we expect that we’ll see some traffic in that regard. By cruise, still a lot of uncertainty. So while we already have bookings for this season, we know what is happening out there and, therefore, there is no certainty and no guarantee that we will get the cruises coming to our shores for the rest of this year.”

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McKie said that while Friday had said the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on SVG tourism was “severe”, he would add “crippling” to that description.

6 replies on “SVG now allowing on-yacht quarantine”

  1. Rose Sitzenstock says:

    Yes let quarantine go on on yachts. But where is their toilets being emptied? In the sea. No one is policing this. Many of us are refusing to go into the sea. The sea is like a septic tank. This should not be allowed.

    1. You are supposed to go 3 miles offshore to empty holding tank.or if one of your countrymen or women enterprising theycan put together a boat with a tank and go around doing boat pump outs doing a great service to the cruising community and making a profit it is win-win for everyone

    2. Gavin David says:

      Best kill off all the fish as well. There’s a lot more of them pooping in your precious ocean.

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