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From left: Member of Parliament for Marriaqua, Jimmy Prince, prospective opposition candidate for Marriaqua, Philip Jackson, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.
From left: Member of Parliament for Marriaqua, Jimmy Prince, prospective opposition candidate for Marriaqua, Philip Jackson, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves was so moved by the announcement by public servant Phillip Jackson that he wants to contest the Marriaqua seat for the opposition that the national leader called the current representative, Jimmy Prince.

However,  the prime minister’s call, he said, was not one of concern, but of celebration.

“But I called Jimmy because the news that I got was that he was selected. I said, ‘Jimmy, your prayers have been answered; Philip Jackson is the candidate.’

“I was disappointed when I wake up Monday morning and hear he had only offered himself. I was profoundly disappointed. I hope he is the candidate,” Gonsalves said on NBC Radio on Wednesday.

Jackson, 44, the science and technology coordinator in the Ministry of Economic Planning, is among four persons who have expressed an interest in representing and becoming the NDP’s candidate in Marriaqua.

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Gonsalves further said:

“And somebody tells me there is a group called The Movement with some people, I don’t know, half a dozen people… They give themselves a certain degree of self-importance.

“I heard they want him up there, they want Adrianna King, my friend Adrianna King in East St. George. I will sing hallelujah chorus.”

Adrianna King, an educator, has expressed interest in becoming the NDP’s candidate in East St. George, where the prime minister’s son, Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves is nearing the end of his first five-year term in office.

“One of the things with me, I am grounded,” the prime minister said.

Regarding his own Unity Labour Party, which is seeking an unprecedented fifth consecutive term in office, Gonsalves said:

“We have all our candidates lined up to run on mainland St. Vincent. In every constituency we know who we have.

“We know who we have in the Southern Grenadines and we are in the process of finalising the choice between two persons in the Northern Grenadines. And I ready to rumble, you know. I ready to rumble, you know,” Gonsalves said on what has become a weekly appearance on the state-owned radio station.

Gonsalves said that what Jackson did could not happen under Sir James NDP administration.

“…by the way, nothing like that coulda happen under Sir James, you know, a public servant announcing that he is a candidate before he resigns or anything like that. To me, that doesn’t faze me,” Gonsalves said.

6 replies on “PM called Jimmy over Phillips’ candidacy bid”

  1. Quoting Gonsalves “And I ready to rumble, you know. I ready to rumble, you know,” so does that mean we in SVG will have a FREE AND FAIR ELECTION, the same as that which the Constitution allows for, and in the true God given spirit of the Law?

    In Venezuela the term FREE AND FAIR ELECTION has come to give a totally different meaning other than that which we would otherwise expect. “Venezuela’s Supreme Court, loyal to President Nicolás Maduro, has ordered the takeover of two of the nation’s most powerful political parties opposed to the socialist government ahead of parliamentary elections expected later this year”.

  2. I come in peace.
    Not all of the time everybody will dance to the beat of your drums.
    Liberty includes freedom to choose. Many of us, Vincentians, have a different view when it comes to the future of SVG; I think that in a democracy and capitalist system, like ours, it is not healthy to forever blindly follow one man’s (discredited) dogmatic ideas. People’s rights and liberties must be guaranteed under the law of the land, a simple way to manifest that is when people can take care of themselves and their families in a dignified manner; when youths can aspire to be anything they want to be and achieve it. The entire community has to be able to function purposefully; &btw, SVG’s younger generation needs more positive role models, Native Vincentians who excel in Sciences, the Arts and Sports to lead the way, give the youth something to aspire to. Do you see what I’m saying?
    Great men have faced the unknown armed with nothing but their wits and courage and prevailed.
    I believe we can succeed using a fresh approach, a more progressive model. People need to be empowered to participate in the county’s economy and wealth, not cultivated for political gains, shameless politics, and be made to suffer if they don’t dance to the drums of tyranny in the guise of universal suffrage.

  3. Calliaquaman says:

    Two conclusions from your dreams

    Ralph , there are conclusions can be drawn from your ramblings, Mr Phillips will be strong and viable and will beat Mr Prince or he (Phillips) is the weakness link and you are tryinb to influence the people of Valley.

    You have not stated your reasons for disappointment that Phillips was not selected..
    You was dreaming when Prince was beating badly so called Jimmy and
    gi ve him the bad news.

    So we need to give out more Covid19 money, galvanized, lumber and cement. Laptop,/Tablets, and promise all things even a boat to valley to tranport your goods .

    Stop the hululu your days at make no sense now only up airtime.

    My to two cents

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