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Unity Labour Party candidate for East Kingstown, SEnator Luke Browne, left, and New Democratic Party candidate, Fitz Bramble.
Unity Labour Party candidate for East Kingstown, SEnator Luke Browne, left, and New Democratic Party candidate, Fitz Bramble.
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Unity Labour Party (ULP) candidate for East Kingstown Senator Luke Browne says his rival, Fitzgerald Bramble of the main opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), is a “Johnny-come-lately” who will not be allowed to impose himself on constituents.

Bramble, an economist and former national footballer and diplomat, who recently returned from Canada, where he was based for years, to context the next general election, is making his first bid to retain East Kingstown for the NDP.

Bramble is replacing Arnhim Eustace, of the NDP, who has represented East Kingstown since 1998 but is retiring from politics.

A caller to Star Radio, the ULP’s radio station, said Tuesday night, that Eustace was “in office from 1998 to 2020 and there’s nothing in Kingstown bearing his name.

“He was Prime Minister for a period of time. And he was a fiscal advisor to the government and Minister of Finance during part of the period, so he had time, he had resources to do it but there’s not even a lamppost in East Kingstown that bares the mark of Mr. Eustace,” the caller said.

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He said that notwithstanding this, the caller said, Eustace recently told Bramble that he did well and that Bramble must do more for the constituency than he did.

“Well, that is easy because he did nothing,” the caller said.

Browne who is making his third bid to win East Kingstown for the ULP was host of the programme, agreed, saying:

“That’s easy, but the only thing that his apparent successor is seeking to do more than he did is talk. And they have — I mean, the people are wary of bramble talk, you know, and the people don’t want to be brambled, the talk is going around, ‘Doh bramble me.’  And another thing that they talking about is, ‘don’t gamble with Bramble.’”

“Bramble talk” is a colloquial expression meaning using flowery language to try to fool someone.

“You know, so people are sensitive to what’s going on. So we don’t want this talk shop going on,” Browne said.

“We don’t want somebody who show up on our doorstep today and want us to — we never go on a date but yo’ wah we marry yo’ one time. Yo’ wah we embrace yo’, take yo’ into we bosom? And we don’t want somebody will feel as if well — I mean — you don’t have to study before you pass an exam.

“You don’t have to show your interest in a constituency before you have the opportunity to represent them. You don’t have to go through the hard slog of getting to know people, of building relationships, of thinking about how you could bring about or engineer a better and a good and a better, glorious future for them, by one-on-one intimate connections developed over a period of time.

“Yo’ doh pay the people that respect but you expect to just jet ski, to come into the situation, you know and abruptly command them; support you. Ah mean, you going around and the first words out of your mouth instead of even being concerned about people’s circumstances is if yo’ voting for me.

“You don’t know how they’re going about a life on a daily basis but you’re interested in if they are registered to vote, and if they voting for you. That’s what people going to settle for in East Kingstown?”

Browne said that constituents have “a different standard and the people understand the different standard and understand what we seek to do and know the contrast.”

He said there are a lot of things to talk about in the election campaign.

“Plenty thing ain’t talk yet. But there’s a lot of thing to talk in this election campaign. Because if anybody feel that they can impose themselves on the people of East Kingstown, anybody without scruples or morals or anything at all, going to impose themselves on the people of East Kingstown, going to come from where they come from, and interrupt a process and a programme, which is intended to deliver maximum benefit for the people of that constituency, they wouldn’t be coming up against Luke Browne, they will be coming up against the electorate, and the electorate will speak with a vengeance,” he said.

Browne said that the caller knew, better than most of how he went from having a deficit of almost 500 votes to bringing it to within 149 votes of victory last election.

“And we’re going to allow somebody to stop the progress for the people of that constituency? Not at all. A Johnny-come-lately, and who will be too late, too late shall be his cry in that respect” Browne said.  

13 replies on “Bramble ‘a Johnny-come-lately, and who will be too late’ — Luke”

  1. Nathan Jolly Green says:

    Luke Brownes performance in government has been so abysmal that he deserves nothing, from the constituents of East Kingstown.

    He is a flop in everything he has ever done, he is even running so far behind Camillo and all the others who have at least half brains, that he is breathless and unable to breed properly.

    We must not forget past allegations either. Mr Bramble you may well be in one of the most dangerous constituences, stay wide awake and keep looking at the voting register.

  2. Subtract the 351 that doesn’t belong to east east kingstown and tell me how much to get …….stop living in your head Luke !

  3. Birth and family connections to the Gonsalves are what surely matters most here in St Vincent and the Grenadines and not merit the Brown’s should know that very well. Such encourages arrogance on the part of those who considers themselves as our betters!

    While the first world marches on in enlightened prosperity, St Vincent and the Grenadines like parts of Africa, are held back by those who discard merit in favour of Birth and connection to the dictatorship. The nation as a whole then suffers the consequence!

  4. Urlan Alexander says:

    Like the fluke you are rhe rhe one who is bramble talking. With reference to Arnhim and having somethinname after him, what is name after Ralph who has more years than Eustace? What about sir Vincent…what name after him? Best you stop brble tale talk man.

  5. Johnny come lately? Is Luke Browne for real? Eustace did nothing for East Kingstown? Luke Browne, have you ever walked through the Constituency? Your party in government for 20 years you have been around for 15 years what is your contribution to the development of East Kingstown? […] You said you have plenty things to talk in the campaign, I hope you are going to talk about the lawyer and land ownership? Nuff said

  6. Mr Luke Browne is right. East Kingstown is a very diverse area, and he has been on the ground for awhile, much more than an MP who has fooled himself into believing he needed to do nothing else in the constituency but show up on Sion Hill Bay and throw a noisy fete than represent the people hoping he could continue to flatter with his “i used to be this” and “this is a serious matter” drabble…. ole talk….repetitiveness. He has never been able to initiate far less propose or complete any infrastructure project even within the community far less a National Scale, and cried… “Find the money from where!” as a response to the NDP alternative of the completion of an ongoing project.

    Bramble wont know who is who and what is what in areas like Roseau, Walvaroo, Sion Hill Bay etc and to be honest Eustace did not either. As representative he never visited residents in the area, take for example ta particular ex MP and Minister of Education..who Sir James would visit with every Saturday even while he was ill, something one would appreciate from ones own MP. Mr Browne’s involvement in the area has improved infrastructure all across the constituency, and his work with the kids in the area has put a smile on many a younger face in Cane Garden ………

    That says Bramble is an opportunist who was hoping he has a “safe seat” and should have had more respect for the persons in the area and at least have had his own boots on the ground for the last year getting to know the area and its residents and requirements. What are his proposals…give someone else a “chance”…”My turn now”….is this some sort of game? Shamelessly they learn of developments within SVG like everyone else, in the news, then ask for details? Clueless! If they would attend parliament as they are mandated to from the people they would have the information. Actually do their job!?

    So bye bye to the tactless political leader with a 100 percent losing record. The days of blind loyalty to a failed party without a plan have expired in East, West and Central Kingstown and in the Grenadines and the polls will reveal. The world has moved on and left the NDP behind.

  7. Browne your party is the government for many years now, go and take a good look at the main hospital of which is your responsibility, . You are so correct to say that people are sensitive to what’s going on. ,, wanting to know Mr. Eustace agents , , reason for keeping dignified silence , having rape rally after being accused,, some people so shameless and bold face,.. God did not give title deed to nobody,. get a life

  8. Well the same argument can be used in the case of Camillo. He was parachuted into position by his father. He’s even being set up for a coronation. Ralph and the ULP have been in power for close to 20 years and Kingstown still stinks.

  9. Bah bye Luke Brown Bah Bye they say they say you Ralph is tour protector Bah bye. They say you are a three time looser Luke Brown bah bye.

  10. Bah bye luke brown bah bye , bah bye Luke brown bah bye they Anansi was Luke brown first grade teacher bah bye Luke brown bah bye. Bah bye Luke brown bah bye , they say you are a three time sure losser, bah bye Luke brown bah bye. Bah bye Luke brown bah bye the say the people in Roseau bar vote for you neither bah bye Luke brown bah bye.

  11. is it not high time to stop waisting the Peoples time and stop sound biting and name calling like school boys and get down to the matters at hand..state why Vincentians should vote for a particular candidate..based on their platforms philosophy, have they delivered and could they deliver results on issues that the vincentian people are waiting for..create jobs..stimulate the economy at the grass root level especially.
    This will require Vincientians to become familiar with all candidates from a bipartisan perspective vote for the best candidate..dont just vote because you have always voted one way, consider the facts. it is our civic duty to vote for the best candidate for the office..The future of St vincent and the Grenadines is at stake…stop the Polorization of constituencies and maintain objectivity
    If we did good do better now..
    Healthy competition is essential for growth.

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