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Communist land acquisition2
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For decades, a family in St. Vincent and the Grenadines rented house plots to persons, who continued to live on the lands for years after the court ordered them to move. But when the family decided to enforce the court’s orders, the government stepped in…

7 replies on “VIDEO: ‘Communist’ land acquisition in SVG”

  1. The law that governs property rights is a very fundamental . The right to own property is having a fee simple in that property and as a paper holder of such rights cannot just be dispossessed without certain rules are satisfied. For example, the law the governs hostile possession is one of such rules.

    In the free world ,this is the difference between property rights in communist countries as opposed to the free world. This is high handedness on the part of the government , this is setting a bad precedent. You cannot reward bad behavior. One cannot just simply stop paying rent in order to stake a claim on people’s property.

    There is a process whereby Government can possess someone’a property. It cannot be arbitrary as in the case of the property held by Simone and her family. Where is the natural justice and procedural fairness, which is the cornerstone of the rule of law? The government should and should not be pandering to people/squatters for political gains. It is dead wrong. It smells and this certaily encourage banditry.

  2. Elma Gabrie-Mayers says:

    This is concerning that any Government will take such action. So is this confirming that as our older folks die, Who so ever Government is in power has the right to acquire lands forcefully?

  3. Where have you been dear? Have you only just woken up to just who are in government in SVG? Ditto Venezuela. Ditto Cuba? The ULP have never hid its communist ideology!

  4. When they began take our lands, this is what St Vincent and the Grenadines will come to, that is, if we do not learn from the immediate past! do not be fooled! The “politics of envy” can only bring us all to utter ruin! So dear potential voters be warned!

    This is “Labour love” indeed! They just love to keep us all very poor. As Saddam Hussain once said, “If you keep your dog hungry, it will always follow you.” Therefore, we have one man, one family, one country inhabited by the descendants of former slaves and there we have it, a new Kingdom on a plate! Poor wretches to be used and abused. Karze wah!Dem nah know no better!

    Get ready to hand over even your dog also, as they will be viewed as both ‘decadent and bourgeois’ pets! after all, scarce food must be put on “de” plate!

  5. Thank You for posting this Kenton. I do not belong to any political party and I even approve of much of what the government does but not this!
    Yes, the government is certainly rewarding “bad behavior”…In fact, the worse your behavior, it seems, the greater your reward!

    What really bothers me most of all is that anyone who works hard thier whole life to achieve something can have it taken away and given to someone else who does not deserve it. The recipients even refused to pay a miniscule rent, which is less than what most people pay for cigarettes. And the government acting as accomplices for this is shameful. Well, it is an election year and in any case, I highly doubt the real land owners are going to get whatever the value of this land is worth…if they get anything at all!
    SVG Government: Shame on You!

    We should all be afraid of what the present government may do to us. You or I may be next to be dispossessed of our money, land or other property!

  6. Hashtag Prince says:

    Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!
    Wickedness in high places.

    Lately, this is the second scenario about government and land acquisition.
    Seems like the government has become a law unto themselves.
    Rewarding bad behaviour and challenging people’s rights to ownership

    If Vincentians don’t wake up and stop the corrupt, unfair, high-handed and
    immoral injustices by “Combad ‘n Crew, Soufriere will.
    Soufriere will speak as from the heavens when enough is enough.
    Mark my humble words.

    What is $50 for land rent for a whole year? They should not have been owing anything.
    Come on now!

    My dear Lady Simone, while it pains my heart, I applaud your grace and trust.
    Leave it in God’s hands. That is a Mighty Sword.
    He will vindicate and “deliver you from the snare of the fowler”.

    While they cannot sleep at night in their beds, “May the Lord bless you
    and keep you… and be gracious unto you and give you peace!” Amen!

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