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Mineva Glasgow, the ruling Unity Labour Party's candidate for South Leeward. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)
Mineva Glasgow, the ruling Unity Labour Party’s candidate for South Leeward. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)

The ruling Unity Labour Party’s candidate for South Leeward, Mineva Glasgow says it is time for the constituency to have “have proper, meaningful representation in Parliament”.

 “Comrades, I stand tonight with the ULP to lift St. Vincent and the Grenadines higher and to stomp the NDP lower and lower,” she said in her opening salvo at the ULP’s first virtual campaign rally this month.

Glasgow, a retired deputy executive director of the National Insurance Services, said that she is “a lifelong servant of this country for many years”.

“Tonight, I humbly present myself to the people of South Leeward to serve them as their next representative in Parliament,” said Glasgow, a first-time candidate.

“They say that a strong woman stands up for herself but that a stronger woman stands up for others. South Leeward, I stand stronger for you tonight,” Glasgow said.

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Glasgow said she believes that these are important times for St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) and South Leeward and the challenges and opportunities that await the country and constituency require “serious consistent and tireless leadership, qualities which have been demonstrated under the leadership of the Honourable Ralph E. Gonsalves”.

She spoke of a story in which a boy who was tossing stranded starfish in the ocean, when asked how much of a difference he thought his action would make, said he made a difference to the one he had tossed back into the water.

“This is a story of perseverance. It shows us that every action we take, no matter how small, can make a difference.”

Glasgow said it was this story that motivated her to contest the South Leeward seat when she was approached to do so.

“You see, I believe that by offering myself as a candidate that I can make a difference in the lives of the people of South Leeward. Like the prodigal son, South Leeward needs to be welcomed back home into the arms of the Unity Labour Party.”

Since 2010, South Leeward has been represented by Nigel “Nature” Stephenson of the opposition New Democratic Party.

Stephenson will seek election to a third five-year term as MP for the district.

“It is time for South Leeward to have proper, meaningful representation in parliament and I am fully committed to be that representative,” Glasgow said.

She said she was not entering politics “to seek power or prestige”.

“I am doing it solely to represent you the people of South Leeward, to represent your interest and to see about your needs.

“South Leeward, you know me. I have served the people of this country for decades,” she said, adding that everyone in the country knows “Ms G”.

Glasgow, a Seventh-day Adventist elder, said she is “a faith-driven woman who believes in the wondrous power of prayer.

“You know of my deep roots throughout all communities that make up the constituency of South Leeward. You have worked with me, laughed with me, played with me, even cried with me.

“You know that I love people, that I am committed, disciplined and driven. I have been in your houses several times and you know that Mini is an empathetic woman who listens. 

“I believe that now is the time for South Leeward to take up its rightful place on the national stage. I also believe it is time for a new style of leadership in South Leeward, one that is based on compassion and effectiveness, one that has a clear vision and a solid plan for the development and upliftment of the people in South Leeward. I believe that now is the time for leadership that provides good jobs.

“Now is the time for wealth creation and a better future for all, especially our young people in South Leeward,” Glasgow said.

12 replies on “S. Leeward needs ‘proper, meaningful representation in Parliament’ — Mini”

  1. Rubbish talk for a person who claims had a PHD. What she overlooked is that we are living in a democracy. The government is government for all of St Vincent, not just areas that have the winning party representative .The ULP has been in power for twenty years, they are all drinking from the same chalice saying five in a row. The things that need to be fixed are the failures of the ULP. Accordingly , this lady is speaking utter rubbish, she certainly sounds ikea no other than Donald Trump.

  2. Percival Thomas says:

    It is always good to see women trying to get into parliament since they are under-represented in so many areas of life.
    For me a senior civil servant plays a bigger role in the country than a a senior insurance person. Glasgow might have inflated her contribution to the country.
    Glasgow speaks of jobs and wealth creation. Ignoring the fact that the ULP has be in power for around years and has not created many jobs the youth of SVG. Their record on youth unemployment is appalling. On wealth creation, the government would have created some wealth. It is the distribution of that wealth which is the problem. The wealth goes to a small group of people supporting the ULP. The creation and distribution of wealth should be for the whole country. Not a small group of people.
    I believe Stephenson would be a better representative for South Leeward, but it is for the voters to decide.

  3. Miss Glasgow says now is the time for wealth creation. What? Now? Only now? Have you been asleep at the NIS and in the constituency? Haven’t you seen the levels of joblessness in this last decade? Haven’t you seen the expropriation of peoples land? What about the miserable wages. This is the party that brought those things while you remained silent at the NIS.
    Am tired of people who claim Christianity and fail to see the abuse of power, the abuse of women, the victimization and refusal to obey Judge’s orders under this government. How can you represent the people when you don’t care about their suffering?
    Please go home and rest. We need a change.

  4. Alwayn Leacock says:

    That was the greatest laugh of the night she should have said in order to have any progress they need ULP representatives who are elected if. Ot is hard times forever. That is however antithetical to what representation is

  5. Urlan Alexander says:

    Is it because Nature is the MP why they are neglected by the party you wish to serve? Is it the same South Leeward where the police was called to stop a road patching project organized by Nigel Stephenson the elected MP? Come on Mini you have to “knock yo head” somewhere to be giving people such crap. The ills facing the youths in this country including unemployment, crime and violence (rape and murder) has their genesis in the lack of development plans and incentives by the governing party. the economy is not
    growing so the jobs are not coming and the people suffering, The party that you choose to run responsible. ralph is in government and he create this mess and is unable to clean it up.

  6. Ulp fail
    look at all infastrcature before you speak out

    The Government who have the Purse ( In our system of government the Opposition members rely on the good grace of the Government to act on their called.

    Mini, your ULP Government must stand up and take the blame for we all heard the called and cry of the present Representative.

    Wish you well and be honest.

    My to cents

  7. wait ah minute! isn’t it your government that’s in power for the last 18 years? You’re not thinking before you speak,Check yourself….LOL

  8. Mineva is speaking as a moron rather than someone having a PHD.My question to her are as follows :
    Who is responsible for the fiscal policies of the state?
    Who is responsible for creating the conditions for employment and economic development?
    Is the government a government for those areas only having an elected representatives? I can go on and on. My conclusion is that Mineval speaks like a bona-fide embecile for those words that she uttered.

  9. Expose them my sister, I like it. Is not the party who should have done these things all these years they in office?? Who then did you expect to do it? Sure not the opposition.
    Has to be the one with the public purse, my
    sister, and that’s your party. Do some critical thinking

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