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The Modern Medical and Diagnostic Centre. (Lance Neverson file)
The Modern Medical and Diagnostic Centre. (Lance Neverson file)
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The Accident and Emergency Department (AED) at the Modern Medical and Diagnostic Centre (MMDC) has been closed temporarily because of a COVID-19 patient who has exposed 17 other persons to the viral illness. 

 “This closure is to allow for the sanitization of the department following the discovery of a person known to be COVID-19 positive in that area,” The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said in a press statement Wednesday night.

 “The individual, who was informed of their positive result on Friday, Sept. 11 and served with a medical officer order, violated the isolation order, thus possibly exposing others to the COVID-19 virus,” NEMO said.

“All exposed clients (10) and staff (7) have been advised to quarantine and will be screened over the next five to seven days for COVID-19,” NEMO said.

Accident and Emergency services will now continue to be provided utilising the Georgetown District Clinic until the sanitisation of the MMDC AED is complete.

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5 replies on “COVID-19 patient forces closure of Modern Medical Centre A&E”

  1. Since the first outbreak of Covid-19 much has been learned, such as that this virus does not spread by contact with surfaces. I am beginning to wonder if our health officials in SVG have yet “kept up” with all the new information. 94% of deaths from the virus occur in people of old age.
    It has also been recognized that virtually no one under the age of 17 ever dies of Covid-19. At least our schools have opened. Is that a result of playing copycat with other nations, or is the Department of Education just more “caught-up” than our Department of Health?
    Nevertheless we cannot be complacent. Bill Gates says the next virus will be much worse!…I wonder how he knows this.

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