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Senator Luke Browne.
Senator Luke Browne.
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By Displeased Citizen

On Sept. 19, 2020 our Health Minister and the ULP candidate for East Kingstown, Senator Luke Browne, did something very disturbing when opening his campaign office.

Senator Browne quoted what he said was the public service record of Dwight Fitzgerald Bramble, the New Democratic Party’s candidate for the same constituency.

If he is to be believed, this is his confidential information accessible from the employee’s file a public servant.

What this shows is that after 19 years in office, the ULP has become desperate and how low they will go in the upcoming election.

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Because they have not delivered on their promises, they can’t run on their record.

Instead, they are casting spurious assertions around, from what right thinking people would know to be confidential files.

What is concerning, is where does this stop? The senator is the current health minister: Should we expect people’s medical files to be read out at their next meeting?

As a minister of health, if no one else, he should understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality. Actions like that do not set the right example, and precedent. What next, and who’s files will the Minister of Health access next?

This act by Minister Brown undoubtedly shows he is unfit to be the people’s choice in East Kingstown at this election.

After 19 years, it is time to do politics differently. It is time for change.

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4 replies on “What next, Luke? People’s medical files?”

  1. We here in St Vincent and the Grenadines are being ruled over by one autocratic man and his Political party, the U.L.P. Some say that the man and his Political party had been inspired by the failed political philosophy of Karl Marks.

    This they say has been so confirmed by what they would say was the recent ill-treatment of Ms. S. Murry and her family. That coupled with as they see it is the copying of policies once followed by Mao and Stalin.

    The man Mao and his legacy; “Mao Zedong-communist revolutionary. Known for failed socio-political experiments.” that we have been most poorly served as a nation by these profoundly unfit red-shirted individuals goes without saying, especially so when we see their attitude not only towards the rule of law but to what is decency.

  2. Luke cannot read and will not read anything. I dare him, matter of fact I double dare him. I would go to a store in the city and buy a filing cabinet for put luke files in.

  3. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

    What a disgusting little man, is it legal for him to handle stolen service records?

    There should be a police enquiry.

    Luke you have proven to be unelectable, lets hope that continues, we the people do not want you, we have shown you that in the past.

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