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The Seventh Day Adventist Church at Fountain gave back to the community of Fountain and Belair when it recognised and honoured six retired educators and civil Servants at its homecoming and honouree/award service held at the church building.

At the Sept. 26 event, the church recognised the awardees’ outstanding contribution to nation building and their active involvement in the communities of Belair and Fountain.

The honourees are:

Marlene “Merle” Wright — educator from 1955–1995; Pamela Charles — educator from 1962–2003; Sylvia Jordon — educator from 1968–2007; Innis Primus — educator from 1978–2018; Theodore “ Theo” Huggins — educator from 1974–2017; and, Bernard “BT” Marksman — educator and civil servant from 1972–2008.

Following at the citations:

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Theodore Huggins: Mr. Huggins was not only an educator, but he was actively involved in the community work and serves as a coordinator of the Red Cross Affiliate, NEMO affiliate, a netball player, netball coach, national volleyball player and coach of the National Volleyball Team.

Mr. Bernard T. Marksman: Mr. Marksman served as President of Local Red Cross Society for many years, in disaster management risk reduction, NEMO, BELFONGO, St. Vincent Jaycees and instrumental in organising several community projects.

Mr. Innis Primus: Mr. Primus continues to offer evening classes for children especially for those preparing for CPEA and as an invigilator for CSEC.

Mrs. Marlene Wright: Continues to use her culinary skills in cake baking and decorating for the community, as an invigilator and supervisor of external and tertiary examinations.

Mrs. Pamela Charles:

Taught adult evening classes in the community of Belair.

Ms Sylvia Jordon: Serves as presiding officer in general elections, supervise CXC examinations and offers lessons to grade 6 students preparing for CPEA.

Each honouree was presented with a plaque in recognition of their outstanding contribution to community and nation building.

This event formed part of activities to commemorate the 70th anniversary since the church was established in the community of Fountain in 1950.