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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (File photo by Lance Neverson/Facebook)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (File photo by Lance Neverson/Facebook)
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is warning the Vincentian voters against what he says is glib talk of wealth.

“Beware of those who talk glibly of wealth for country, gotten by vanity, trumpeted like a proverbial golden calf, seduced by the mirage of a pot of gold at the end of the metaphoric rainbow of selling passports and citizenship, and the dumping for quick cash, the sacraments of our nationhood,” he said on Thursday.

“The Book of Proverbs advises that wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished but he that gather it by labour shall increase,” Gonsalves told the Unity labour Party’s virtual public meeting, where he announced Nov. 5 as the date for the next general elections.

Gonsalves and his ULP are seeking a fifth consecutive term in office.

“Be extremely careful not to embrace those who are determined to abandon tried, tested and trusted friends and allies at home and abroad and replace them by convenient acquaintances and opportunistic alliances.

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“You ask yourself, so why this push by the opposition, for example, to kick out Taiwan and bring in China; there is more in this mortar beside in the pestle,” said Gonsalves, who was strongly opposed to SVG-Taiwan ties before coming to office, but has maintained the relationship for his 19-year tenure.

Gonsalves noted that in December 2015, the ULP was returned to office, under his leadership for a fourth successive term.

Gonsalves spoke about hope, saying it is “confident trust with the expectation of fulfilment”.

“And hope is linked to faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” he said, echoing the Bible.

“But faith without works is dead,” he further said, again, quoting scripture.

“Faith and hope are conjoined to love, which is an ever fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken. We put on faith and love as a breastplate and the hope of salvation as a helmet.”

The politician posited and went on to answer the question of how one has faith and hope in, for example, a politician and his or her words or promises.

The prime minister said “from the vantage point of my experience, one cannot have absolute certainty because men and women are not divine”.

“But you can make informed judgments and you have instincts upon which you can rely in relation to your choice of leader or representative. And you can surely apply your heart to wisdom.”

Gonsalves said that voters must, therefore, examine the politician’s ideas, vision, philosophy and programmes.

“You look at his or her record of achievement. You check out his or her commitment to you as a people. You can interrogate his or her professional life, to see whether it has been about money grabbing, unconscionable fleecing of people or has it been a fair delivery of quality service to clients or customers without any unscrupulous shake down.

“You look at his or her representation of your interests, and those of our nation. You watch his or her interactions with you and the people of all classes, creeds, ethnicities, rich and poor, Kalinago, Garifuna, black, white, Arab, Chinese or anyone in between.

“You observe his or her seriousness, and thoughtfulness in words or deeds, about the nation’s business. You look not for perfection, since no human being is perfect, but you look at him or her in the totality of all the facts and circumstances.”

The prime minister also advised that voters check out the political party to which the politician belongs, including its philosophy and policies, its organisation and functioning, its state of unity or disunity, its record, its slate of candidates, its leadership.

“… and then you ask your mother or father, you ask your daughter or son, you ask those close to you, you inquire how can we make a whole daughter or a whole son out of the compromises which the fever of history has made us. And I repeat, you rely on your instincts and apply your heart to wisdom.”

But Gonsalves said that the ultimate consideration is love.

“Above all, make sure that the representative or political leader truly loves you. I feel sure that you cannot conceive of electing someone as a leader or candidate who does not truly know the people and whom the people do not truly know. That is basic.

“To lead or represent people is not a vanity trip. A status seeking venture, a hustle to make money or a convenient pit stop on the way to the poorhouse. A person who wants to lead or represent you must be sincere.

“The person must have a strong track record of service and must walk humbly with the people. He or she must avoid malice, hatred, and anger in words or deeds, malice, hatred and anger are the opposite of love. They are the antithesis of right reason. He or she must evidently be committed to service and hopefulness. Not to learn helplessness. And always I repeat, he or she must love you,” Gonsalves said. 

15 replies on “PM warns against glib talk of wealth; says ‘true love’ is ultimate”

  1. Isn’t it truly amazing how much the PM quotes scripture these days. Is this the Karl Marx mantra: Religion is the opiate of the poor, at work? Well, Well, let the poor Vincentians seek their mansions in the sky while ULP bigwigs grab everything they can lay hands on for real.

    PM be careful. Don’t mess with GOD! Then again–only you and your God know whether you are a believer.

  2. Is continual slavery to be our sorry plight, because that is all that Marxist socialism can offer us, dependency upon a sole-less and pot-less state, that is run by family overlords.

    This here is who we were! they say that the best form defence, is to attack and so it is in this case, the abusers and perpetrators are now telling us that they are truly our loving and to be defenders, can you believe that? What gall?

    Such bold and impudent behaviour ought to be given short shrift by us, but do Vincentians do so? Instead, we listen to the contrived twaddle of Ralph Gonsalves and the likes, who is now pretending to know all about our daily sufferings and our terrible plight, while he personally, and day by day, is adding to our existing deprivations.

  3. Pure fluff and flamboyant references to scripture… so Vincentians just need to hold on to hope/ faith and buy food with Labour love? Stupes …

  4. It is too bad that this worn-out leader, bankrupt of money and ideas is trying to sound wise and pious but instead it is more the wailings of a drowning man. Many of his failed promises are now coming back to haunt him. But there are so many that need to be mentioned but won’t be. What about the time on Union Island when people were killed and he let the “alleged” killers go free back to Venezuela?

    1. Very well put Jamal,His time is up, he can take his garbage somewhere else. Vincy has had it. just saying

  5. How will Gonsalvesonamics pay the growing household bills while we remain the 4th poorest nation in the Caribbean? Ralph Gonsalves needed to do much better. His economics didn’t work one bit, just as it didn’t work either in the USSR who tried it and gave it up, nor in Cuba, Romania, and Zimbabwe nor in today’s Venezuela!

    This man Ralph Gonsalves loves quoting the Bible, although he does not follow its prescriptions for a good life. Instead he is sure appears to be wedded to that man-made philosophy, Marxism that does not work. Just look at the que at the Western Union offices each day. Without families abroad, the majority here would sure be starving just as is in Venezuela.

    The quicker Ralph Gonsalves stops quoting the Bible out of context, the better. For Christianity and Marxism make for very strange bedfellows. If only Ralph Gonsalves had behaved in a truly Christian way, our country SVG, would no doubt be the better for it today.

    Instead what have we had from Ralph Gonsalves, his family and cronies? We have had nothing but gross selfishness in the pursuit of Ralph Gonsalves personal grandiose and deluded desires. All to the Nation’s loss and the introduction of poverty in countless households.

  6. If one applies this wisdom to the selection of a candidate then one would not want to elect the Carlos from North Leeward especially or the ULP generally. But the truth is when we talk about wealth creation the political elite on the ULP side gets upset. Are you guys the only ones who should make a comfortable living in this country? It is clear that the ULP’s plans and programs would not lead to prosperity; they never had. Unemployment and poverty have both increased. Our disposable income is almost nonexistent and they are even angry that we might get a little relief from a reduced VAT. VOTE THEM OUT.

  7. Ralph, is a desperate man. He is asking for a rope, WHY ? he is going down for the last time. You are finished, you have nothing more to give. Please pack your bags and go home and take your son with you.. We vency have had enough of your garbage,your deceitfulness. your disgusting mannerism,your crazy rants, your sell-out attitude, Ralph we are mad as hell, leave now before the embarrassing fall you are about to face. Your time is up. We are advocating to the new government, an independent audit report of the people’s finances. Vincy have already moved on from you, in the immortal words of BOB MARLEY. He who digs a pit shall fall in it” so long by, by. just saying

  8. Pontias Pilate!! The poverty and misery of Vincentians will be on your hands. You use the scriptures to play on the minds of trustworthy ordinary Vincentians and manipulate them into submission to your perverted will. This makes you and intellectual minion.

  9. Are Vincentians supposed to be satisfied with high taxes and low wages. We shouldn’t aspire to have some disposable income? Even though our OECS neighbours do? This man is unreasonable.

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