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By Sheldon Bramble

What happened to discussions of national interest void of biases that reek of party politics in SVG? Are they not possible?

Many Vincentians have a party that they favour over the other. However, if they don’t, they may have elements of each party they like and ones they dislike. I believe if you are in this category of people, your thinking is in better health. You might not be as myopic as those who think experiences of abuse by persons playing out the agendas of a party automatically makes the other party the best and most innocent in Vincy land.

However, we have an illness plaguing our society. People are giving their heart and soul to politicians as if they are God and can do no wrong.

It is commonly said that power corrupts. But I would rather go with Abraham Lincoln who says , “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

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Can any of us pass this test well? Do we see what has happened since the official day of Emancipation? Many may not be “massa” but they got some power and it has not been something they always bore with integrity and justice. They became just like “massa”.

Many Vincentians tend to head straight down the road of crucifying a party in every conversation that has to do with national development or improvement. It is like a nasty disease that has infected our society and reached epidemic with multiple reinfections occurring for decades.

Like many who are unable to talk about an issue without calling their opponent “dotish” or stupid because they cannot understand their point of view, many cannot talk about any society problems without thinking that a party’s rulership will be the solution.

Reality check! There is no guarantee that any party will serve us without corruption, curry favour, abuse of power, injustice, advantage or victimisation!

The sooner we learn to address rights and wrongs in SVG as such without blaming or worshipping a party, the more we will see them for what they are, and politicians and political parties for who they are.

Truly loving people are often “colour blind” and can mix and mingle comfortably with any race in a healthy manner. Similarly, at times in SVG, cultivating a “party blind” outlook and rapport will help us to foster a healthier mind and better relationships with our neighbours and fellow citizens.

If you feel unable to do this, perhaps you are a victim of party politics in SVG. You have been robbed of your own mental health and happiness. Forgiveness and intentionality may be factors needed to bring you back to that place of a one SVG.

We may not be able to change people in power, or those in charged or rendering services we require. What we have power over however is ourselves without a party dictating how we behave and think. The question is, have I made a political party come between me and God and even a neighbour? Know when it’s time to think objectively and think party free!

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