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Forty-seven police officers have been promoted to various ranks within the local constabulary, including the post of assistant commissioner of police.

The Police Service Commission has approved the following appointments on promotion in the Police Department effective Nov. 3:

To be assistant commissioner of police: Leonard Fergus

To be superintendent of police: Assistant Superintendent of Police  Hesron Ballantyne.

To be assistant superintendents of police: Inspectors Elgin Richards and Hawkin Nanton.

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To be inspectors of police: Station Sergeants Parnel Browne,  Vaughn Miller, Dwight Rogers, and Angus Morris.

To be station sergeants:  Olson Rodney, Stephen Charles, Maxian Richardson, Julian Cain, and Dwayne Mckenzie.

Commissioner of Police  Colin John has approved the following promotions in the constabulary effective Nov. 3: eight sergeants of police, five acting sergeants of police, nine corporals of police, 12 acting corporals of police

“Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John congratulates all of the officers who have been promoted to the different ranks.  He emphasized that promotion should not just be seen only as a personal achievement but that which also increases the duties and responsibilities of the officers who were promoted. The commissioner stressed the need for all police officers (including the newly promoted ones) to take their new responsibilities very seriously in the interest of national security and the safety of the citizens SVG and visitors alike,” a police press release said.   

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  1. Assistant Superintendent of Police once journalist sell out freedom of speech to be a political yes man following a media scholarship…such a shame and waste of taxpayers investment

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