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By Concerned Cop

The security of any nation, as we know, is one of, if not the most important pillar of any nation. Without security our country would be in chaos. 

The ULP says that they have police officers and the police force at heart, but the blind can see this is not so, and I also beg to differ. The police force has been greatly neglected! So it left me to ask a few questions, be it late than never.

1. What’s your plan for the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force?

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2. The job of a police officer is one that few dare choose because of the risk involved. Yet police officers have one of the worst paying jobs in this country, when measured by the number of hours work — over 100 hours a week. What’s your plan to correct this injustice?

3. Police officers presently buy food for their home, and still have to buy food at the station, with their small salary, and still have to pay their bills, mortgage and other expenses. What are your plans to improve the lives of our service men and women?

4. Police officers spend more time at the station, than in the comfort of their homes, yet the living conditions at the stations are poor. What are your plans to improve the living conditions at the stations or change to a shift system?

5. Police officers usually finish work late at night, and have to be on the road begging for ride, putting their lives at risk. What’s your plan to ensure that police officers can order vehicles at a lower customs rate, making it affordable for our service personnel?

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5 replies on “Dr. Friday, here are some issues affecting police officers”

  1. Not Police Officers alone want lower customs rate please, what about Vinlec service men (lines men, power station operators)??? I know some might say they would import for friends, family and even start selling. However that is simple to control just make them sign a contract that they cannot sell the vehicle with in a certain amount of years or they pay the amount of duties that they would have saved.

  2. Yow writer, you up to tricks? Are Police the only persons feeling it hard in this country? At least you have a job. There are persons with family hardships who do not have an employment income; at least not a steady stream like you do. If you are meeting it so hard, why is a car on your priority list? Are you going to ask for license and insurance, maintenance costs waiver next. Did you address these with the current administration? maybe they can make you an out-rider and give you a hot sun allowance and of course you can keep the bike to go home.

    Stop WHINING! OTHERS NEED WORK. You have a job.

  3. Concerned cop, sorry you did not bring this out a bit earlier, few of my nursing colleague have complained bitterly with your concerns with No3. They said that they can hardly feed themselves for the last 2.weeks in the month. I wonder how people who are unemployed and have a family manages. I do work abroad and have to help my family, otherwise I dont know how they would have survive. So sad, let’s pray things changes.

  4. Vivienne Taylor says:

    So let me put to you the questions, why you never ask Ralph all this? I am just asking out of curiosity.

  5. Police men have the most time off and at the top of the food chain in salaries. When you go to report a matter at any station….how often are crimes solved???……you concerned? Are you even qualified for the job you have? Smh these people these days mon

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