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Senator Keisal Melissa Peters, a lawyer, will take up office as Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Senator Keisal Melissa Peters, a lawyer, will take up office as Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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A 34-year-old lawyer will be the only woman in Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves’ Cabinet when she is appointed Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs come Nov. 30.

On Wednesday, Gonsalves announced on NBC Radio that Keisal Melissa Peters, a lawyer, of Campden Park, has been appointed a senator effective last Monday, Nov. 16.

Come Nov. 30, when the new Parliament convenes, Peters will take up office as Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which Gonsalves heads.

Gonsalves said that he had considered a number of other women for the position, but he settled on Peters, a West Kingstown resident, during a Saturday meeting at the Official Residence of the Prime Minister.

“I was determined to have a young woman. I was determined to have a child of the education revolution and I was determined to have someone from within one of the three Kingstown seats,” Gonsalves said.

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“… there are several persons I considered, several women, some of whom I contacted and others whom I did not contact even though they would have, in my view, measured up.

“But for one reason or another, nothing connected to politics in the sense of partisan politics — but I considered in all the circumstances that Keisal Melissa Peters — KMP, as I call her for short, is suitable,” the prime minister said.

Gonsalves said that Peters’ ministerial assignment has been delayed because of her current employment status.  

“… because, naturally, she would have files which she has to put in order at her office with her chambers,” he said of Peters, who has been employed for the last decade or so with Elizabeth Chambers, headed by Stanley “Stalky” John, QC.

“It’s only a professional thing to do,” Gonsalves said.

The prime minister said that in due course he would introduce Peters to the nation at a press briefing.

Gonsalves noted that two of the government senators are females, the other being   34-year-old lawyer, Ashelle Morgan, who will be nominated as deputy speaker of the House of Assembly.

The other is 36-year-old Rochard Karim Ballah, aka “Pitbull”, who has been appointed Parliamentary Secretary with responsibility for information in Gonsalves’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Security, Legal Affairs, and Information.

Julian Francis, who is general secretary of the ruling Unity Labour Party, has been appointed a senator for a fifth term.

Gonsalves noted that three of the senators are in their 30s, adding that this should be “an indication”.

5 replies on “PM names ‘KMP’ as junior Minister of Foreign Affairs”

  1. Another LAWYER!!!!!!!! STEWPS. Some of us are either going to be legally constipated, or have legal diarrhea. Is it only fricking lawyers that can do anything in this place. Lawyers and their narrow set of skills, yet they are everywhere. What do you think happens as a collective. Rather than looking for somebody to run in the next elections, why not look for somebody who make a career path out of the thing? Full of crap!!

  2. Keisal, I really hope that as a young lawyer, you were not coerced to leave your calling to go to this new position. My dear, be very careful of this man. He DOESN’T truly have your good at heart; his is the only motivation. My dear girl, I don’t know you but based on my assessment/perception/intuition of this man over the years, which have turned out perfectly right, you might be making a mistake. All of you as young ladies are being drawn into a destructive web. Get out now, step away and heed Hebrews 13:5. Don’t go for the bait. Only if you all are in the same league (spiritual order) as he, you will not heed my warning. My heart aches for you as young ladies because I’m convinced that this man doesn’t love and respect young ladies. I’m seeing all of you as lambs to the slaughter. Get away Keisal.

  3. Gonsalves says the age of those people should “be an indication”. Yes, it is an indication that these people have LESS experience. If it were up to me I would put people with more Private Sector experience(s) in these positions. INSTEAD HE SEEKS TO BUILD CAREER POLITICIANS that make decisions without much or any experience or knowledge of or in the Private Sector and they will never gain the experience of WHAT IT TAKES TO STRUGGLE AND WORK FOR A LIVING, instead of getting government hand-outs for a career.

  4. Base from the pass. In their blood

    Let the Prime Minister and all the hunters knows upfront that your Pussynelly is not part of the Job.

    I had a my Nelly (name with held ) went to work with highest man when he was running his legal office (lawyer) and one evening asked her to file some papers.

    While she was in his office The learned gentle went out and looked the main entrance door, came back into the office and attempted (rape ) on my Nelly pussynelly.

    She told me “I had to put a hard fight while he is trying to buss down my skirt and blouse. I told him “when I get out from here i will strip naked and walked to Police Station ” and he looked at me and amazed at my saying. So left me and open the door.

    This was before the Police Andrews and other alleged rape.

    So my young Minister be mindful, make us proud, keep your dignity and do sell yourself short.

    No night cap, and no oversea trips without proper line of Demarcation with those Pussynelly hunters.

    No night assignments.

    Get a job phone, and personal one for your defense set it up secretively.

    Proper protection of yourself will be defend wall in all things.

    Finally, Respect yourself and Demand Respect from all.

    Advocates on the Behalf of Women who is not truly Represented in SVG and not on Party lines. Hope you can make a difference.

    Best wishes.

    My to cents

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