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A Coast Guard vessel prepares to leave Union Island, on Thursday, with the body of the deceased and the woman who is assisting the investigation.
A Coast Guard vessel prepares to leave Union Island, on Thursday, with the body of the deceased and the woman who is assisting the investigation.
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An 83-year-old man in Union Island was found dead on Thursday after an alleged altercation with a younger woman toward whom he reportedly made an unwanted sexual advance.

The dead man has been identified as Calvin Hutchinson of Valley, Union Island.

Reports out of the southern Grenadine island are that the woman, said to be in her 20s or 30s, was “living” at the man’s house and was in some sort of “relationship” with him.

iWitness News understands that the man is said to have made a sexual advance to the woman after she exited the shower on Thursday.

He is said to have told her that he had already taken his “pill”, but the woman resisted his sexual advance.

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A source on the island told iWitness News that the woman reportedly said that she and the man got involved in some pushing and the man took a pot and struck her with it in her face.

She is believed to have returned a blow, which caused the man to “keel over” a chair where he was found dead when police responded after the woman went and lodged a report with them.

Detectives from Kingstown were dispatched to investigate the death and they returned to the city Thursday evening aboard a Coast Guard vessel.

The Coast Guard vessel also carried the body of the man accompanied by the woman who has been taken into custody as the investigation continues. 

11 replies on “Man, 83, dead after alleged unwanted sexual advance”

  1. I know this stupid girl. she murder before she kill a new born baby and buried it’s body in a flowers pot and nothing came out of that,then she went vincy killed a guy and same damn thing nothing came out of that and NOW! Noooo she need to be hang seriously she need to be hang.
    This girl know what she is doing and I think Calvin need JUSTICE!! A dead man can’t tell no tales but I just hope his family and love ones protest cause he will need his justice. This girl is doing to much sh*t and getting away with everything she did,but only God knows best.
    My condolences go out to Calvin’s family I know how it feel to lose someone it ain’t easy but be strong!

  2. This man is dead and it’s her words against his, for which the dead cannot speak. So therefore it’s only God knows the whole truth and what really happened. And has for the man he’s my grandfather and the matter I leave in Jehovah God’s hands.

  3. This girl was with this old man for money, maybe her penny sugar daddy and the couple pennies ran out. The old goat wanted to touch, without showing a nickle, got upset and both had a scuffle. Old fart got the shitty end of the stick, resulting in bidding happy riddance.

    1. Remember, your brutal,coarse and throw away comments will be seen by the murder victim’s nearest and dearest.
      As others have commented here, at present, the facts are still to be established and, hopefully, this will be undertaken Police and the Courts in due course.
      Other than that, the victim’s family, around the world, are in shock and their grief is raw.
      Please show some sensitivity and empathy for their trauma and recent hurt.

  4. What a load of bullshit. Check your facts before spreading rumours. How dumb will the writer look and the family can sue.

  5. Is this alleged reason for this man’s death true? There are not enough facts, and remember; “Dead men tell no tales”.

  6. This man you all are talking about is my uncle. Always willing to help others. He was already to the point of death. Please respect, and if you don’t have anything nice to say please keep your know it all comments to yourself. To does of you that who have expressed your condolences , we the family are grateful.

  7. Judge not that ye be not judge
    For with what Judgement ye Judge you shall be judge also
    Let he that is without sin cast the first stone
    Jesus Words.

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