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Financially-troubled regional carrier LIAT, on Saturday, said it was “forced” to suspend services to two of its former shareholder destinations, five days after restringing to scheduled commercial flights for the first time since March.

The airline, which is under administration, said it has suspended flight to Barbados and St. Vincent and the Grenadines while it awaits the approval from the relevant authorities in both countries.

LIAT had previously announced services to Barbados and SVG and was scheduled to begin flights as last Monday, Nov. 30.

“Prior to its suspension of services due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline had been operating to these destinations on valid flight approvals which have not expired,” LIAT said in a press statement.

“LIAT operated a scheduled flight to Barbados on Monday 30th November. However, the airline has been informed by these territories that new arrangements must be made for the airline to operate into Barbados and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

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LIAT said it, therefore, made the decision to temporarily suspend services to these destinations while these new arrangements are being finalised.

Passengers whose flights have been affected are asked to contact the LIAT Reservations Call Centre for assistance.

“LIAT will waive all change fees for these passengers due to the inconvenience these cancellations may have caused,” the airline said.

It said it will continue to work with the relevant authorities to “finalise all new required arrangements so that connectivity between the destinations of the Caribbean can be maintained.

“LIAT expects to continue the addition of other destinations to which it will operate a limited schedule of flights. It has completed the training requirements and made all necessary arrangements to receive the approval for flights to these destinations,” the airline said.

“As part of the restructuring exercise, LIAT remains committed to the resumption of its limited flight schedule with the ongoing support of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.”

12 replies on “LIAT ‘forced’ to suspend flights to SVG, B’dos”

  1. Welcome to Ralph. That selfish spiteful bugger who seriously thinks the world revolves around him. He and Mia serving the same prince demon. They can’t help. That’s why I don’t trust caricom, oecs.

  2. sensible person says:

    To us regular people of the Caribbean it looks as if SVG and Barbados are punishing thier “friend” in Antigua for having the long-term perspective, perseverance, willpower and LOYALTY (that they did not) to rescue LIAT. The actions of the governments of Barbados and SVG have backfired in my opinion and the PM of Antigua is a new hero of the people of the Caribbean for achieving what seemed impossible and these other two Prime Ministers are probably going to use even more vindictive and spiteful ways in the future to sink the new LIAT, thinking it will make them look better for being “right” about abandoning the airline.
    Congratulations Gaston Browne! DO NOT “RUN IT INTO THE GROUND” AS THE LAST PM IN CHARGE DID! And…

  3. Is this the same LIAT whose workers striked almost every year during Vincy carnival?! I hope not.

    New LIAT, new agreement. LIAT should have sorted out all their agreements prior to taking to the skies instead of assuming it would be business as per usual.

    Oh how memory fades fast! well some of us remember all those bailouts that St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) championed via PM Ralph Gonsalves for LIAT.

    SVG have all right to be fed up!

    It is high time that the rest of the region that benefit from LIAT share its necessary burdens.

    1. Nathan Jolly Green says:

      Edge of course not but they should be not by LIAT anyway, but by those who were responsible for running it whilst it was insolvent. Remember companies cannot do these nastiness’s only people can do that.

      So do not expect the employees to get paid.


  4. Are you guys forgetting where One Caribbean is from. The region can only have one carrier so OneCaribbean and Caribbean Airlines have to move aside for LIAT to regain its rightful place.

    1. Competition is a good thing! The reason why LIAT failed before is, in part, due to things such as LACK OF COMPETITION which was possibly the second greatest contributor to cause the total mismanagement, (greed of the shareholder governments is, of course the main reason). That in turn caused the total mismanagement and costs to be too high, resulting in a lack of people that could afford to pay those prices, and failure. WE ALL SAW, observing the old liat, HOW POOR GOVERNMENT MANAGES THINGS THAT SHOULD BE LEFT TO THE PRIVATE SECTOR! The only good thing about the old LIAT was that it never had accidents.

  5. Gaston Browne is no hero at all. He needs to properly wind up LIAT 1974. Ensure that all debts and obligations are honoured for the former LIAT staff. He needs to now hammer out new agreements with all players including Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It cannot be business as usual.
    You guys have very short memories. SVG squandered millions on LIAT. DR. Gonsalves and MIA should not have spent our cash so recklessly on a failed and soon to fail again LIAT. Do not forget the high fares, poor service, arrogant behaviour of LIAT especially when there is no competition. LIAT has no rightful place at all. They owe all of us. Time for them to pay back.
    Gaston Browne is too selfish. He wants all the benefits for Antigua only. Gonsalves is not my favourite leader, but he is correct. LIAT needs to do things right.

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