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Minister of Health, Jimmy Prince, Permanent Secretary, Cuthbert Knights, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache as well as two members of the administrative staff of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment have been advised, out of an abundance of caution, to quarantine for a period of five days ending Saturday, Jan. 9.

The ministry said on Wednesday that this advice is “based on contact tracing initiated during the evening of Tuesday Jan. 5, after the receipt of a positive COVID-19 PCR result by a relative of a staff member of the ministry.

“The minister and the four officers of the MOHWE, having been in close contact with the positive individual six days previously, were tested during the evening of Jan. 5 and found to be negative for COVID-19. However, as per protocol for persons exposed to a positive person, they were advised to immediately quarantine,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The Minister, Permanent Secretary and Chief Medical Officer will continue to work remotely from their quarantine locations,” the statement added.

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One reply on “Health Minister, CMO, PS in quarantine”

  1. If we consider reality in all this Covid hysteria, we would ask… “What people did these people, in turn, come into contact with?” Should they be quarantined? In my opinion, with this virus, I would advise we do not go down that path. The real truth is that when we consider that the PCR tests have not been proven to be very accurate and when it is run at over 30,000 cycles the test will say that very many of us have this virus when in fact it mixes those that may have Covid with those that may HAVE HAD Covid or maybe just been exposed to it.
    It is well-known that in the USA and many other places if a person dies of any cause and a PCR test is done, anyone who has ever been exposed to Covid will be listed as if they died of Covid.
    Also consider that in the USA, usually between end of September to end of December there are usually over 1 million flu cases. This time it is practically none. Does that mean that Covid-19 has eradicated the common flu, or does it mean that they are listing cases as Covid-19 when in fact it is flu?

    Does ANYONE in thier right mind, think that with all these TENS OF MILLIONS of Covid-19 cases worldwide that it is possible to detect and “arrest” all of them? I think that any intelligent government knows the truth and yet they are compelled to employ all these futile methods to appear as if they are able to contain the spread. Germany and many states in the USA conducted mass- testing and, as expected, found mass “infections”. THE MORE YOU LOOK, THE MORE YOU WILL FIND.
    It was terrible and nasty of those people that created this virus in the first place (we are instead all supposed to believe that it appeared on its own), but we are at least fortunate that it has mutated down to be even less-lethal (now a 99.9% survival rate of those that actually do get it) than at the beginning.

    As whistleblowers have said, (when they were employed by these entities) the malefactors have been working on many viruses. Let’s hope they do not release something worse!

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