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St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on Saturday, confirmed 19 new COVID-19 cases, 18 of which are nationals without a recent travel history.

This bring to 99 the number of cases recorded since Dec. 28 among national without recent travel history, even as a further 400 test results were pending as the local lab seems overwhelmed by the number of test it has to process.

The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said that all 99 cases are under investigation and health officials have identified five distinct clusters.

However, there are several cases that have not been linked, NEMO said, without giving an exact figure.

Among the persons with no recent travel history who have tested positive for COVID-19 are Minister of National Mobilisation, Orando Brewster, and Deputy Commissioner of Police, Frankie Joseph.

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“Contact tracing, further linking and testing related to all of these local cases are ongoing,” statement added.

On Saturday, the country also recorded a new case in a national who arrived from the United States on Dec. 10 with a negative PCR test and tested negative on both entry and day 5 quarantine testing.

The adult, however, tested positive on exit screening on Jan. 5.

SVG has now recorded 225 cases of COVID-19 of which 106 persons have recovered and 119 cases remain active.

“All positive cases will continue to be isolated until cleared by two negative tests.

Due to the extensive testing being conducted as part of contact tracing and the screening of persons with flu-like symptoms, there is currently a backlog of approximately 400 COVID-19 tests awaiting analysis,” NEMO siad.

In a separate statement on Saturday, NEMO said that  Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment wishes to advise the public that as a result of the ongoing extensive contact tracing and testing for COVID-19, the Molecular Laboratory Unit of the Laboratory Services Programme is currently experiencing a delay in the issuance of COVID-19 PCR test results.

“Persons who have been asked to quarantine or isolate while waiting for COVID-19 PCR results should remain in quarantine or isolation until notified of your results.

Our team is working diligently to resolve the issue. We ask for your patience. Any inconvenience is regretted,” the statement said.

A third statement said that the COVID-19 Task Force will not schedule appointments for sample taking (swab taking) for COVID-19 PCR exit tests if the result is required less than 72 hours after the date of the appointment.

It further said that the Stewards Office of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital will not collect fees for COVID-19 PCR exit test results required less than 72 hours from the date of the appointment.

Further, results for COVID-19 PCR exit tests can only be collected at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital Lab.

Requests for scheduling of COVID-19 PCR exit testing must be made via email to [email protected] at least five (days before the required test.

5 replies on “SVG records 19 new COVID cases; 400 test results pending”

  1. I believe the 7 hours is a lot of time. You know what can happen in that time?
    We need to make some serious changes, before some changes make us change.

  2. I wish the Health officials here would come out and educate the people on how the PCR test works. Tell us how accurate it is according to how many rotations the test is run at. When is the test done at 20,000 rotations and when do they use over 30,000? Tell us why. I thought Mr Cummings would weigh-in, or is he not concerned about the hype and fear caused to hose that are not getting true information? There is some indication that the Prime Minister knows that there is no reason to be concerned but he is not directing Health Officials to be upfront with us.
    Anyone who is following REAL INFORMATION of what is going on in the USA will see how much of this is linked. Vaccines, the “Great Reset”, supporter of the Democratic party,and much more!
    Those that have been conditioned to HATE Trump with every fiber of thier being and have now got thier wish will PROBABLY find life very different within the next 2 years. As they say: “Be careful what you wish for because you just may get it.”
    For those that have not been completely indoctrinated and still have an open mind, may want to start with some background information on Dominion, their “domination” of the vote in the USA. Here from the great journalist William Engdahl. See other information on his site, to include Covid-19 information:

  3. This is what happens when people relax their guard. Many have the idea that St. Vincent is so blessed that while other countries experience a rise in Covid cases, St. Vincent won’t. JWs have been sharing a Scripture that tells us to act and protect ourselves when we see danger lurking. It is Proverbs 22:3.
    One time I was the only person wearing a mask among a crowd of people at a function. A mature lady responded: “Tek off yo mask; covid nah dey ah … Village.” Bad attitude to have. Thankfully many are now wearing masks, using sanitizers, and taking the Covid situation more serious. Let’s all keep following the protocols and protecting ourselves.

    1. Georgina, You are free to believe what you wish. I suggest however, that you do research about the virus according to what has been learned since March 2020. It seems you and the SVG Authorities and the NDP are still back in March 2020 when MILLIONS are supposed to be dying. The truth is that the seasonal flu is far more deadly than Covid-19, When people die from the flu, they are calling in Covid-19.
      For an example on how very easy it is to fool the public, read the following article:

      The truth is that we can never say for certain what to believe. If you did not see something with your own eyes, you cannot say it is true. Sometimes even then it is false! Although governments, agencies and the media have been fooling us for hundreds of years, it is up to a new level now with censorship and Big Tech control over the system. This is undeniably the age of disinformation.

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