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St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on Sunday, confirmed 24 new COVID-19 cases, of which 23 are nationals without a recent travel history.

The new cases come at a time when four of the nation’s 143 active cases have been admitted for care.

The four patients, all adults, are stable, the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said in a statement in which it announced the new cases.

NEMO said that a detailed review of all of the positive cases reported over the last two weeks has led to a minor revision of the total number of cases under investigation.

“This reconciliation has confirmed that there are 120 local cases being investigated,” NEMO said.

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On Sunday, NEMO also confirmed a COVID-19 case in a non-national who arrived from the United Kingdom on Dec. 26 with a negative PCR test and tested positive during quarantine.

NEMO said that 249 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in SVG since March 11, 2020.

Of those, 106 persons have recovered and 143 remain active.

“All positive cases will continue to be isolated until cleared by two negative tests,” NEMO said.

2 replies on “24 new COVID-19 cases; 4 persons hospitalised”

  1. As we are all being pushed into wetting our pants in hysteria over the virus, it is not the MAN-MADE virus itself that we should fear most. The Global Reaction to the virus is doing far more harm than the virus itself. At present it is well-known and acknowledged, NOT DENIED even by the MSM, governments and World Health Organizations that 99.98% of those that get the virus have a full recovery. In other words there are far more sicknesses and more deadly sicknesses than Covid-19. Nevertheless we are imposing DRACONIAN POLICIES WORLD-WIDE, like keeping children away from school where it is far safer for them and better for their future than anywhere else. Many jurisdictions are keeping people indoors where it is proven that the virus spreads, instead of letting them go outdoors where it virtually cannot spread. Most of all Society is apparently going to be forced into taking practically untested vaccines against a man-made virus that is, fortunately almost harmless. ALTHOUGH IT SEEMS SOME FEW PEOPLE ACTUALLY DO DIE FROM THE MAN-MADE VIRUS, deaths from the vaccine have already been suspected in Portugal, Denmark and other places. There most certainly will be more. Side-effects from some vaccines may take up to two years to manifest. There is even more information about the vaccines that readers of this site and all Vincentians should consider. It is as if all Global Society is being driven, contrary to ALL evidence, to get vaccinated. I would be grateful to Kenton if he can display this comment and the following video so that more people can get an opposing view before making a decision that may cause harmful permanent effects. Maybe Kenton can publish this comment as an article. When vaccines comt to SVG (hopefully voluntary) THIS WILL BE AN IMPORTANT DECISION FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL TO MAKE. I have even spoken to many doctors who have told me they will refuse to get vaccinated. It is well-known that a very rich man with a charitable foundation gave vaccinations to people in Africa and cased thousands of people to become sterile. That man has stated for years he wants the world population to be drastically reduced by use of vaccinations. He is leading the charge for these vaccinations. Is it possible that the vaccination will not harm you but hinder your ability to reproduce? That may not be what you want especially if you are young. Do you want to take that chance? We all have to preserve the right for those who do not yet (for maybe two years) or ever want to take this vaccine.
    I wish to again thank Kenton and other brave and righteous journalists in SVG that have the consideration and courage to present opposing opinions. This right is all but gone in the “land of the free”….coming to a country near you?
    Consider the pressure from powerful Global Institutions that world leaders will be under, especially in developing countries, to possibly FORCE this vaccination! Many leaders have already been pressured by financial Institutions to lock their people down so that they will need loans just to survive….(part of the “great reset”)
    Watch this video from the rebel Journalist Ben Swann:

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