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Corey Greaves2

The deceased, Corey Greaves. (Photo: Facebook)

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The homicide count in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year moved up to two Saturday night, with the shooting death of a man in Villa.

Sources in the know have told iWitness News that the man, Corey Greaves, of Dorsetshire Hill, received multiple gunshots to the head.

Greaves died at the scene just short of Glen Baptist Church, on the road to the Community College Villa Campus.

The man is believed to have been walking in the area when unknown assailant(s) attacked him and fled the scene immediately after the shooting.

Greaves’ death follows that of Jason Martin, a 47-year-old mason, of Belmont, who is the country’s first homicide victim this year.

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Martin died, on Wednesday, after being chopped on the left foot, allegedly by another resident of the community, during and altercation that same day. 

11 replies on “Man shot, killed in Villa”

  1. One of the coolest, quiet and pleasant young man I have met. He was unemployed but would assist in little chores around our houses and when he clean, he does it better than the paid professionals. Always had a smile and says ‘hello’ to friends and strangers alike. He was a genuinely nice person.
    Can’t imagine what Corey could have done to deserve this.

    We are losing too many of our young men!!

  2. Sad. To die by so much shot to his head is very wickedness. Those person or persons should pay for the wickedness they have done to this guy. Rewards money need to put up to catch criminals in SVG. People will talk

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