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Justice Colin Williams, a former DIrector of Public Prosecutions in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (iWN file photo)
Justice Colin Williams, a former DIrector of Public Prosecutions in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (iWN file photo)
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Former Director of Public Prosecution in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Colin Williams has been appointed a High Court judge, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

Williams will be assigned to Antigua and Barbuda and will take up his appointment on March 1.

It is the second time that Williams is being appointed a judge after leaving his position as DPP in March 2018.

When he left that post three years ago, Williams took up a post as a high court judge in Belize.

Williams was initially appointed for one year to help clear a backlog of cases in the criminal division of the court in that Central American, CARICOM nation.

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Williams took up the DPP post in SVG in 2003 and held it continuously until his departure in 2018.

7 replies on “Former DPP in SVG appointed judge in Antigua”

  1. Patrick Ferrari says:

    It worked!

    The dust has settled, the hiatus paid off and the deal is done. Clearly, the shifty, disreputable ruling on the 2012 fatal – by four – Union Island soap powder debacle has been considered statute-barred. Or something so.

    Worst of all by far is that this sordid chapter was controlled from the start back in 2012. This appointment has compromised the justice system. From the Bar Association’s “profound dismay” to his appointment to DPP to High Court Judge. And one thing is for sure: Colin Williams, sorry, Justice Williams, did not do the compromising. The political puppeteers did.

    It was an abstract cost, a pre-ordained trade-off. Its origins were a balance between two desirable but incompatible features to secure the Argyle airport.

    So be it. Who am I, we, to blow against the wind?

    Having said that, may the Lord have mercy on me if I come before the Court. Unless I am a Venezuelan “fisherman.”

    1. When I first saw this story , that was the only thing that came to me . At least you put it so nicely . What I wanted to say the wouldn’t have published .

  2. You left svg with so many back logging ,yet we still have multitude of backlogs, to now position yourself with this propaganda,these third world countries will always remain corrupt,you all have this registra in SVG not getting people transcript prepare to have there appeal go forward playing a bunch of game with people freedom why miss pierra head of the appeal court won’t be able a stand and make firm decision to rectify this problematic issue.??

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