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St. Vincent and the Grenadines has recorded two additional COVID-19 deaths, bringing the tally to eight.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache made the announcement to the media on Thursday.

At Thursday’s press conference, Keizer-Beache also announced that two other persons who had COVID-19 at the time of their death had been ruled as non-COVID-19 deaths.

This means that at least 10 persons in SVG had COVID-19 at the time of their death.

The CMO said that the death of a 60-year-old female of Sandy Bay who passed away at home on Feb. 8 has been ruled a COVID-19 death.

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“The female, who was known to be COVID positive, complained of abdominal pain and died,” she said.

“This week, we received confirmation from the consultant pathologist that this death should be ruled as a COVID-19 death even though we would not be able to do a post mortem.”

The other COVID-19 death occurred on Thursday.

The deceased is a 43-year-old male who was admitted to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Feb. 10 with symptoms in keeping with COVID-19 was confirmed to be COVID-19 positive after admission.

“The patient, with a history of hypertension, became progressively ill and was placed on a ventilator earlier this week. However, sadly, the patient died this morning at 9:40 a.m.,” Keizer-Beache said.

“Additionally, I would like to refer to two persons who died in the last few weeks who were COVID positive, however, their deaths were not related to COVID-19,” she further stated but without elaborating or indicating why this announcement was important.

“Our deepest sympathies are extended to the families and friends of these Vincentians,” the CMO said.

In SVG, 1,530 cases of COVID-19 have been reported since March 2020.

Of these, 913 have recovered and 609 cases remain active.

3 replies on “Two more C-19 deaths in SVG”

  1. In the first death the victim had abdominal pain although Covid is a respiratory virus…???. I do not think her lungs were in her stomach. The second victim was put on a respirator. There are those that have indicated that so many who are put on these respirators die. Even those that did not have Covid die after being put on these machines.
    We have to be sceptical on what are ruled Covid deaths. It is a well-known fact, proven over and over again that throughout the world the deaths from Covid have been HEAVILY EXAGGERATED! We are living in the age of misinformation, (fake news and fake science) so we have to do the research ourselves and even then, still be sceptical!

  2. Monica A Rosa says:

    Before putting on ventilators why dont you give them medicine and instruction so they could go in their home and recuperate. They are dying on ventilators all over. You all need to check those.ventilayors .

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