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So far, 1,325 persons have come forward to receive COVID-19 vaccines in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,

Maxine Glasgow-Cottle, statistical officer, Ministry of Health, told a press conference on Thursday.

The data that Glasgow-Cottle presented show that COVID-19 cases in SVG are trending downward, while the number of persons volunteering to be vaccinated is increasing.

She said that 1,330 doses of vaccine have been administered, with 1,325 persons receiving their first dose and five persons their second.

This is made up of 1,305 doses of AstraZeneca and 25 doses of Sputnik-V.

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Of those vaccinated, 150 are healthcare workers, which is 11.3% of the total number of persons vaccinated.

“Health care workers include doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, and attendants, just to name a few,” Glasgow-Cottle said.

In terms of uptake by health district, of the 1,330 vaccines administered, 381 vaccines (28.65%) were administered in the Calliaqua Health District, 302 (22.7%) in Kingstown, 206 (15.49%) in the Northern Grenadines, 178 (13.38%) in Marriaqua, and 161 (12.11%) in Pembroke.

The Chateaubelair Health District represents the smallest number, 21 (1.58%), followed by the Southern Grenadines 30 (2.26%). 

As it relates to the number of persons vaccinated in relation to the health districts, the vast majority, 491 (37.06%) were in the Calliaqua Health District, 253 (19.09%) in Kingstown, 206 (15.55%) in the Northern Grenadines, 112 (9.21%) in the Marriaqua Health district; 116 (8.75%) in Pembroke, 52 (3.92%) in Georgetown, 30 (2.26%) in the Southern Grenadines, and 33 (2.49%) were unknown.

Of the vaccines administered, 662 were to females and 649 to males.

Most of the persons vaccinated are in the 55 to 64 age group — 21.78%; 65-75  — 19.50% and the 45 to 54 age group — 14.86%.

Persons in the 18-24 and 25 to 34 age groups accounted for 4.7% and 10.77%, respectively.

Meanwhile, so far, SVG has recorded 1,530 cases of COVID-19, of which 645 cases are under investigation, 615 are active cases and 905 persons have recovered.

Eight persons have died of COVID-19, while two other persons had COVID-19 at the time of their death, but their death was not a result of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health has said.

The majority of the cases are in the 25-44 age group and come from the Kingstown, Calliaqua and Pembroke health districts.

Women make up 55.8% of cases, and men 41.8%

“… you will see that the downward trend continued.  The positive rapid antigen tests, this continues to trend downward,” Glasgow-Cottle said, referring to the data on a graph.

“Of course, there will be days when more cases would be recorded, when compared to others. But the graph, the general trend is downward.”

She said that despite an uptick in the positivity rate on Feb. 21, this is also trending downwards.

“Notice that from Feb. 14 to the 20, the positivity rate was under 5% and on the 23rd, the rate was, again, below the 5% threshold,” Glasgow-Cottle said.  

6 replies on “1,325 persons get C-19 jabs in SVG; cases trend downward”

  1. Looking at comments on Facebook, public health have a mission to fight misinformation and false news about vaccinations. Better education about science needed. Too many people believe Dr Facebook and You Tube

    1. The Western Corporate Media is the biggest source of misinformation on earth! Sometimes government itself is the biggest source of misinformation, (such as the USA at this time). This misinformation CAN include Facebook and You Tube. Instead of Bill Gates speeches on population reduction or Hunter Biden’s Laptop, (all removed from the internet), we are instead convinced that Trump is a racist Russian Spy and Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction or Assad is gassing his own supporters. Usually when working doctors put TRUE information on Social Media, that does not support the ESTABLISHMENT AGENDA, it is taken down as fast as possible! They want us to believe that BILLIONS are dying from Corona Virus so you must rush out and get vaccinated to help Bill Gates add to the 20 Billion he has earned in the past year!
      Truth is that SVG is PROBABLY reaching “Herd Immunity”, that is why cases are going down. I would bet that if the entire population of SVG gets tested that at least 25% have already been exposed to Covid-19 and have self-developed their own antibodies, (such as in Belarus where there are NO mask requirements or Social Distancing and they have the LOWEST COVID DEATH RATE IN EUROPE). Those that love to wear masks and be afraid and wet their pants will not like to hear real truth!

  2. Less than 1% of the population? Those figures above are only true for the group of persons who have taken the vaccine.
    From reading the latest SVG news it seems as if on average more persons in the higher echelons of government have gotten vaccinated then the elderly and more vulnerable population groups?
    btw. The Qanon theories have even reached little SVG, doing their best to discredit good practice and to promote batshit crazy past the pail behavior.

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