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The cluster of COVID-19 cases at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre (MHRC) in Glen has risen to 92 cases, with 49 cases confirmed on Sunday.

It was the third consecutive day that health officials were reporting cases at the centre, including six cases among staff members.

According to National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) updates on the weekend, the cases were identified as part of the ongoing contact tracing and general screening.

On Sunday, all 49 COVID-19 cases confirmed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines were at the MHRC.

The cases included 47 patients and two members of staff.

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On Saturday, of the 23 cases confirmed, 18 were patients at the MHRC and two members of staff.

The other three were from tests done at flu clinics the previous day.

And, on Friday, NEMO announced 23 cases at MHRC, made up of 21 patients and two staff members.

Three other new positives are results for one person who tested positive on quarantine day five, one who tested positive on exit screening and one contact of a known positive.

NEMO said isolation and quarantine measures continue to be implemented along with additional testing to ensure containment of any further spread in the facility.

Screening of admissions will also continue as a measure to reduce the risk of the introduction of new infections.

Meanwhile, 25 additional persons have recovered, to bring the total to 938.

Since last March 2020, SVG has recorded 1,628 cases of COVID-19 — 682 of which remain active.

Eight persons with COVID-19 have died in SVG.

2 replies on “C-19 cases at Mental Health Centre soar to 92”

  1. Monica A Rosa says:

    What is going on in saint Vincent. How in the world these cases is cropping up. With the safe protection you all have and now out of the blues you all is going in the thousands. This is crazy reading this on iwitness news.

  2. See, see, see! We’re all gunna die! We should be wearing 6 or 7 masks, one on top of the other. We should all be wearing 3 sets of gloves too, and throw in a double condom just for extra measure! If not…We’re all gunna die!

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