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rape investigation
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A man has turned himself into police after a 14-year-old girl told detectives that he abducted her at gunpoint in North Leeward last week Sunday, took her to a house in Central Kingstown, and raped her before dropping her off along the roadside in Kingstown the following day.

The man, a distant relative of the teen, is said to have also told her that she must not abort “my baby”, a suggestion that he wanted to impregnate her.

He also threatened to kill her if she revealed his identity.

iWitness News was reliably informed that the man forced the girl into a car last week Sunday as she was walking along the street in a North Leeward village, where she had gone to visit relatives.

A resident of the community saw the interaction between the teen and the vehicle, thought it somewhat strange and made a note of the registration number.

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After pointing the gun at the child and ordering her into the vehicle, the man drove to a Central Kingstown village, where he assaulted her.

iWitness News was told that as the vehicle was passing the South Leeward village where the girl lives with her parents, the man ordered her to keep low in the vehicle in case her parents were at the roadside.

The alleged rapist threw away the teen’s handheld device.

At the house, he offered the teen food, but she refused, saying that he mother would feed her when she goes home.

On hearing this response, the man is said to have asked the teen how she was so sure that she was going back home.   

In the meantime, as the child’s parents and the relatives she had gone to visit tried to locate her, word emerged that the girl had been seen getting into the vehicle.

Another of the girl’s relatives who recognised the registration number of the vehicle is said to have contacted the alleged abductor and rapist who had been seen in the vehicle earlier that day.

A source with knowledge of the case told iWitness News that the alleged rapist is said to have denied seeing the teen.

However, the teen’s relative who has been assisting in trying to locate her is said to have threatened to “roll” on the alleged rapist.

The alleged rapist threw away the girl’s underwear and gave her an ill-fitting one and dropped her off in Kingstown on Monday.

The teen stopped a passer-by and told the stranger what had happened, and the passer-by took her to the Criminal Investigation Department in Kingstown, where detectives launched an investigation.

iWitness News was reliably informed that the teen was able to provide the police with vital information about the location to which she had been taken and certain items there.

Our sources say that police found those same items that the teen described when they went to the house to conduct a search after the alleged perpetrator turned himself in.

12 replies on “Man abducts girl, 14, at gunpoint; rapes, threatens to kill her”

  1. These men that do such things need to get seriously punished. I wonder how many this man has already assaulted. In such a country that should be so peaceful and innocent, why do we have these rapes, murders and other violence?

  2. Michael James says:

    Sorry but this whole story confussion 1st somebody saw the situation the girl was in and did nothing even when the gun was drawn wasnt that something to bring to the police attention and u telling us that when the vehicle pass way she living he order her to go low and she did exactly by her parents place and ehat kind of rapeist give victims underwear so this man have women underwhere in his place it is strange

  3. Shameless dog he should spend the rest of his life in jail without parole and throw away the key wicked son of a bitch

  4. This “DEMON” does not deserve a day in court! Tax payers money should not be wasted on this SERPENT! HANG IT! THIS IS NOT A HUMAN BEING!! IT DOES NOT DESERVE A TRIAL!!!!

  5. When are we going to admit we have a rape culture in St.Vincent, These thing been going on for decades.. The laws are not hard enough,these ppl get away with murder… it’s a petty… I hope this child get the help she need

  6. There were allegation amount some high ranking officials. What do you expect? It’s part of the culture to sample the forbidden fruit.

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