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Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)
Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)
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The Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) says it has no plan to allow 200 Vincentians to be employed at the Sandals Beaches Resort there, as Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves announced in Parliament last week.

Gonsalves, in a ministerial statement, on Tuesday, said that his government, “ as of a few days ago” had concluded discussions with Sandals Resorts International “that will result in Sandals Resorts International employing 200 Vincentians within the coming weeks” to take up positions at a new Beaches resort in TCI.

“While this may be their plan, it is certainly not the plan of this government when we have so many Turks and Caicos Islanders who are out of work presently,” Arlington Musgrove, TCI’s minister of Immigration, Citizenship, Labour and Employment Services said, on Monday.

“I can assure you that we have not had any discussions along these lines and in the event, we do, we will always look out for the betterment of our people first,” Musgrove further said in a press statement.

The minister’s statement came following the circulation of a WhatsApp message saying that 200 Vincentian nationals would be employed at the Beaches resort there.

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“In reviewing the message, it speaks of a possible attachment of Beaches personnel at their various resorts to gain the requisite knowledge and skills to return to St. Vincent, to work at the newly acquired resort once it is completed and ready for opening,” Musgrove said.

The minister said that the workers are to be placed at their various properties on a temporary basis.

“With that being said, we must also look at a reciprocal arrangement for our people, so they too can benefit from such an exchange, where they would leave the Turks and Caicos Islands and be posted on a temporary basis at other Sandals Beaches properties, to further enhance their overall growth and development.”

Musgrove said that the TCI government would arrange a meeting with Beaches TCI to discuss the matter further, after which the public would be updated.

“In his ministerial statement last week, Gonsalves said that the expectation is that “the Vincentian workers will gain experience and familiarity with the Beaches brand and standards and that they will eventually rotate back through the various Sandals properties until they are redeployed to Beaches Buccament Bay, when that resort is completed”.

Sandals Resorts International has bought the former Buccament Bay Resort and will convert it to a Beaches Resort.

Gonsalves said that the management of Sandals had noted that there was a new government in the TCI “and they are working with them on matters related to work permits and the like”.

The finance minister said that Sandals would be coming to St. Vincent and the Grenadines in mid to late April to conduct interviews with a view to deploying this Vincentian hospitality staff to TCI in advance of the upcoming tourism high season.

He said that Sandals expects to have these Vincentian workers in place in June-July

“… and we look forward to that,” Gonsalves said and thanked Sandals “for working with us as cooperatively as they have to seeking opportunities for hospitality workers and in crafting this win-win situation for some 200-plus hospitality workers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines”.

He said that advertisements for the interviews and other application processes will be in newspapers in the upcoming weeks.

11 replies on “TCI unaware of Camillo’s 200 Sandals job for Vincies”

  1. “Lying Lip is a abomination to the Lord” Pro:12: 22

    Truth Matters and will set you Free In all things. !
    Truth will always overcome lies.
    Truth is not bounded by Times

    We as Bible believe people knows from the scriptures.” Light overcome darkness” ” what is in the dark coners and secret places will be manifest in light places” (Paraphrase)

    All the Election Lies, Trickery, Gimmicks, are now coming out. I am So sorry that my People only sees what in front of them at moment and do not look beyond.

    There are more lies to come out.

    Vaccine lies
    Medical lies
    Tax lie
    Teachers lies
    Van lies

    Any how one of the Master Lier get caught again.

    Parliamentary words have consequences for they official Documents.

    East ST George take note when “King Lier” is in town with broken promises and fabricated stories with Hotels employment and Canning plant that past schedule time in Calliaqua.

    Read the Fine prints with Father and Son.

    Private Enterprises (Businesses ) can do what ever they wanted unless there is some type of Agreement between the Government and that Party (Owners)

    The Government have no say after they sold out the People along with the properties.

    Was this the time when the Media was block out from Election charade at the Bay? We how understand the reason for blackout.

    “Time is longer than Rope”.” Stay Tune more to come.”

    Conclusion: Lying tongues are abomination to your fellowmen too.

    My to cents

  2. Something is seriously wrong with some people in this country, its so easy to FOOL them than it is to convince them that they are being fooled. Shame. In 2015 elections , some people were promised building materials which never happened, . The man was never, never seen again until in. 2020., this time he took a book with him and wrote down the names of these people and the materials they need. Poor Fools, Hahahahaha hahahaha, see you again in 2025. Shame.

  3. Politicians just take everything that comes out of they mouth with a pinch of salt like father like son strangers to the truth.

  4. This is shameful,,,poor representation by SVG government as usual,,no substantial benefits for it’s people,,bk to modern day slavery to the investors,,more stress! When will all the lies and false hope ends???

  5. Award-winning businessman says:

    Whenever you read these kind of articles you have to realize that Government and these BIG Businesses want to earn revenue and profits, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY TELL YOU THAT THEY WANT TO DO GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE, THEY CARE MORE ABOUT PROFITS.
    The same with Government! They want revenue!! So they can build things, look good, live a life of privilege, and comfort, and get re-elected over an over again.
    When both of these entities say they “LOVE THE PEOPLE”, it is just “marketing”. As all Vincentians have witnessed over and over again, when it comes to even a few dollars both BIG business and Government will THROW THE PEOPLE UNDER THE BUS FASTER THAN YOU CAN BLINK.
    With this frame of mind, read the article again and it will make more sense!

  6. Take warning says:

    It’s so easy to fool the people , and it’s very difficult to convince them that they are being fooled. Very sad

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