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water woes
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We visited various communities in St. Vincent over the past week to get a sense of the water shortage situation resulting from the April 9 eruption of La Soufriere. (Premiers today at 13:30 (local/Atlantic Standard Time))

2 replies on “VIDEO: Volcano water woes”

  1. It’s a dam disgrace how this water distribution is being carried out. I personally witnessed yesterday 16/04/21 a pick up truck loaded with bottle waters, they look to be the 5lt big bottles.
    They pulled up outside the Buccament polyclinic, and were just randomly passing out water. I saw people stopping mini vans and jumping out getting water, then jumping back in the minivans, cars stopping, people jumping out getting water, staff and general public running out of the clinic grabbing water, it was pure mayhem and no organisation.
    The poor elderly in there homes were unaware of the truck, so no one in the houses got water.
    Within 10 minutes truck was empty and gone. Clearly this is piss poor management.

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