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By Concerned Foreign Bystander

I am a concerned person who has been hearing of the inequality and unfairness the people have been treated with. These disgusting stories of people having to clean kitchens that they can’t even cook in, they are not being given good amounts of food to fill their stomachs, the Wi-Fi being shut off because people were reporting on the bad conditions that were happening, kids are not getting snacks and going to bed hungry.

The people need to be fed before they become malnourished and get ill and die under your supervision. When people ask for water, they are told to drink water from the pipe that can still be contaminated with volcanic ash. Do you know how this can affect people’s health?

These people have left the comfort of their homes because of an emergency that they could not help themselves with and have been affected mentally, physically, emotionally, and psychosocially. People in foreign countries are taking their hard-earned money to send supplies and goods for the people of St. Vincent that have been displaced from their homes out of the goodness of their hearts but the greed and ignorance of managers stealing for their own purpose are overtaking and undermining that. This type of greed is discouraging foreigners from sending things and at this moment shelters are depending on countries and people.

Women are asking for feminine products and being given one, it is unhealthy for a woman to be wearing one pad a day due to the fact that it can cause health issues such as infections. Pads should be dispersed wisely and not kept for greed. The bathrooms are being locked. Who are you to lock bathrooms that people use to relieve themselves?

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The managers of the shelters are treating people as though they are animals and nobody because they feel as though they are in charge of the shelter. This shelter is also a Christian camp and you preach about the goodness of God. Keep the faith you preach about and take the teachings of God for the people.

The behaviours of this shelter during this national emergency are disgusting, inhumane, and ungodly. If there are no changes to his disgusting and disgraceful issue I will be contacting news outlets nationally and internationally to inform them of the inhuman issues.

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12 replies on “Conditions at Grace and Truth shelter”

  1. This is more than beyond a joke, it is a living disgrace that in a time of national disaster
    People’s mindset is all about themselves with stealing from the poor and needy.

    Don’t let me start upon those who say they represent god?

    Can you imagine a woman begging for sanitary products, it beggars belief. Children going to bed Hungary, people locked out of kitchens, on top of poor sanitation.

    This scenario is becoming all to familiar, within shelters and it needs to stop.
    The wharf is heaving with donations to the point that have put a hold on clearing of goods to ease the backlog. The problem is that these goods are not getting to the right people. (Those in dire need)

    I had to send a letter to the Vincy consulate yesterday for giving out false information in regards to telling shippers and people, “if all donations do not go through NEMO, then no concessions on goods and barrel will be given to the receivers” I sent them the link confirming concession is for all, but yet again they are trying to control all monies and goods coming in for aid.

    I am in full agreement and support with foreign bystander, it needs to stop, or we will be alerting the world as to what is really happening here.


  2. Zepton Greaves says:

    They should have police at some of these camps that are stealing and who ever is caught charge them for theft, they are there only to serve not to steal. This humanitarian aid belongs to the evacuees not the camp managers.

  3. One thing stands out “These people leave their comfortable home” wow

    What level of comfort is there at the feet of an erupting volcano?

  4. The statements made in the article are totally false. We urge those responsible to verify with us AND with the evacuees of their conditions. A “bystander” cannot know what is going on from one who is actually there. There is adequate food and water and toiletries here and the evacuees are well taken care of.

  5. What is the purpose of this article? It is written by someone who is not a shelteree. They is a reason hearsay cannot hold up in court!

  6. So many people in distress at this time and so many different stories being generated regarding the plight we find ourselves in Saint Vincent, it is a shame if this is really happening and i believe people need to come out and be counted talk up have proof say names, as so many people around the world have worked so so hard to try and HELP regarding food clothing water and other well needed supplies dont let those around the world DOWN, Come on lets get our act together…. Not only are the people in shelters affected also those in private homes, those who have taken persons in, this is to early in the process for these kind of stories to surface in fact they should not even make news as we as Vincentians need to sort ourselves out, come on those who have the power stop abusing, those who have voices stop being quiet, why why why i cant believe we are selfish people??? behaving so badly that after the Dust has settled this is what we will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

    Finally i would like to thank all the people that have given so so generously and with good heart, some people do not have much but still have found a way to donate or help from a person who is living here in SVG thankyou…..

  7. Percival Thomas says:

    Grace and Truth Centre should be investigated urgently by the authorities. A sample of people in the Centre should be asked questions, including children. Since serious allegations have been made about the ways people at the Centre are treated we need to know what is going on at the Cetre. The people in the Centre should not have to suffer more than they suffered already. Having to leave their safe homes.
    Please, please find out urgently what is going. Perhaps the Centre is not as bad as portrayed. But we won’t know until we investigate.

  8. Percival Thomas says:

    VIM asked what is the purpose of the article. It seems to me the purpose is to highlight something which may be going wrong so that action could be taken to remedy a bad situation if there is one at the Centre.
    This would help people at the Centre from suffering.

  9. Apparently the writer got their information, has heard stories they think are credible and they actually been to the said shelter. Obviously every one is under a lot of duress with the present situation. The writer is upset about perceived unfair actions. Decent people do exist. Keep in mind that one man’s meat is another man’s poison; we’re in enough trouble as it is (so) let’s try to get along somehow, we are all in this together. Puss and dog get together, what’s wrong with loving one another?

  10. Grace and Thruth Camp Site is just a physical place used a a shelter to accommodate evacuees. The shelter is a government run shelter.. Please check your facts before making these claims about Christians. Another thing, food and other donations sent by places like Canada have to be shipped by boat, this takes at least 3 to 4 weeks to arrive in there is no air traffic between doth countries right now. Instead of critiicizing, why not help make a difference and donate your time by volunteering. Let’s all do our part to make successful.

  11. Nathan Jolly Green says:

    Someone tries to put things right and all the supporters of wrong comment and try and prove once more wrong is right, stop it you scumbags. The wrong right thing emanates from the dynasty and its nasty collaborators.

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