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It is said that farmers, by nature, are optimists. And, after the devastation of the April 9, 2021 eruption of St. Vincent’s La Soufriere volcano, Fancy farmer, Lloyd Ballantyne demonstrates this outlook.

3 replies on “VIDEO: Farmer forfeits ‘the volcano crop’”

  1. KC, you are showing the heart of SVG, the optimism, the love, the hope, It’s looks really encouraging. Plenty good actuality and sync. The beaches and rural country. People working doing everything themselves. Good coverage makes better picture. A before and after view like you did before in another video is a good motif for a feature. Kudos, good journalism. What about the Big gov. clean up that is underway? To your entire team, Keep safety in mind.

  2. KC, this is a personal opinion but your front page looks better now. Maybe you can use one ‘column’ for the top video in the middle section (or you make a video news section). It looks innovative and creative. Have you thought about a new layout? I suspect now your team and sponsors will grow. NB If you set your white balance on the spot your images will look professional.

  3. Across the Miles says:

    Thanks for these interviews and the constant videos Mr. Chance. I’m enjoying them. What I do love is the spirit of the Vincentians. Always smiling in spite of everything.

    What e’re the future brings our faith will see us through, may peace reign from shore to shore, and God bless and keep us true.

    Praying for the land of my birth.

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