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St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on Friday, reported a further nine COVID-19 cases in emergency shelters, bringing the total in these settings to 42.

The new cases were among 17 that the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) announced on Friday.

Other new cases were identified during contact tracing, routine screening and exit screening.

At least two emergency shelters, located in Stubbs and Biabou, have been placed on lockdown, as the country had recorded 33 cases at emergency shelters, including two cases in private homes.

The 17 cases on Friday were from 204 samples processed on Thursday, resulting in a positivity rate of 8.3%.

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SVG now has 159 active cases from the 1912 cases recorded since March 2020.

The country has recorded 1,741 recoveries and 12 person have died of COVID-19

NEMO is urging the to continue to use masks, sanitize, physically distance and get vaccinated to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in SVG.

3 replies on “More COVID-19 cases in emergency shelters”

  1. I believe there is still too much fear from the Corona Virus. It is a proven fact that young people are practically never affected from Corona, (shame on those liberal fear-mongers that spread fake science of billions of deaths, and insisting you are bad unless you get vaccinated).. It is those over 80 years old that have to worry. REAL experts also say those that are obese have to worry as well, and then there are those that have some health issues.

    It is strange that the virus seems to affect those certain people. It is as if someone created the virus to kill-off the elderly and “unhealthy”. Some “cold-hearted” people may think it is doing the world a favor.

    The FEAR is actually doing more damage than the virus itself. It seems suicide, child abuse, rape, murder, poverty…and all the other sins are skyrocketing! So many governments are so incredibly stupid that they even close the schools, and purposefully DUMB-DOWN their children. Only the “elites” children are schooling.

    It is like a “RESET” where Western Society is being set-back to the Dark-Ages where there is a small elite that has everything compared to a dirty, dumb, poor class that has nothing. They are telling us now: “You will own nothing and be happy”.
    I wish this was all just a conspiracy theory. All of us need to change our attitude and realize if you have anything to fear. MOST OF US DO NOT…AT THIS POINT!

  2. Duke, I respect your views and your right to have such. At the same time, we cannot downplay the dangers of Covid and its effects. Regardless of age, it’s the course of wisdom for all to take steps to protect oneself from Covid which continues to kill a lot of people around the world due to oxygen deprivation. The following link has information that clearly proves such.

    Let us all wisely continue to take steps to protect ourselves from Covid-19.

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