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Sandals will build a Beaches Resort at the former Buccament Bay Resort. (iWN file photo)
Sandals will build a Beaches Resort at the former Buccament Bay Resort. (iWN file photo)
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Five hundred Vincentians stand to benefit from direct employment opportunities within the Sandals Group when the company begins its recruitment drive in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the next few weeks.

Last year, Sandals Resorts International (SRI) announced plans to bring its Beaches brand to SVG, and the company says the move promises expansive economic growth for the country.

Adam Stewart, the company’s executive chairman, said this recruitment drive to provide direct employment opportunities for nationals even ahead of the resort’s opening, represents only the first move towards fulfilling this promise.

“In light of the displacement many are experiencing due to the volcanic eruption, we are fast-tracking our plans for employment and training opportunities.  We are committed to supporting the people of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, especially during these challenging times and we remain even more committed to delivering on this exciting Beaches project,” Stewart said.

“Increased employment, which will continue throughout construction and beyond, is only one aspect of the massive economic footprint the Beaches brand will bring to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines”, Stewart said.

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“The economic benefits will be significant – from increased airlift benefitting all surrounding islands to direct and indirect linkages to critical sectors such as transportation, tours and excursions, agriculture and manufacturing.”  

The company said that the upcoming recruitment drive is a manifestation of SRI’s continued commitment to providing Caribbean nationals with training and employment opportunities across the region under its Team Member Exchange Programme.

Qualified Vincentians will be encouraged to apply for a raft of positions across the region which will be advertised in the coming week ranging from bartenders and cooks to concierge and front desk agents and restaurant managers, the company said.

Applications will be accepted by email and thereafter, shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview with successful candidates placed at various resorts across the region.

“We are very excited to get this programme underway,” Stewart said, adding, “The successful applicants will be the very ones who will come back to lead and train other Vincentians when we officially open Beaches Saint Vincent and as a company built on training and development, we look forward to what will definitely be a full-circle moment for these team members.”

In addition to this recruitment drive, the company has also supported post-eruption relief efforts through its philanthropic arm, the Sandals Foundation, which has been working closely with local authorities to provide support.

Sandals said that Beaches Saint Vincent is just one of several exciting new projects announced by Sandals Resorts in 2021, which will also see new resorts in Jamaica and Curacao, followed by St. Lucia, and which is expected to create some 5,000 new jobs over the next five years.

3 replies on “Sandals aims to hire 500 Vincies in upcoming recruitment”

  1. Paulette Anderson says:

    Great opportunity
    I too happy to make an application. Into the venture of working within you company.

    Should there be any vacancy for on line duties I will be very much interesting for the online vacancy.

    I cam be further contact via mail
    [email protected] or cellphone 876 457 7686
    Thanks for your co operation looking forward hearing from your company.

    Kind Regards

  2. Roxanne Westfield says:

    Gevening,I would be interested in being part of this venture to work as a front desk agent , to help with my experience as a retired front desk worker for the pass seven years

  3. Quite optimistic! Is that why Sandals is still pushing their old advertisement videos on CNN and other outlets. It needs to change the structure because there can be no more fun times shown in those videos, until people feel safe to get together. It can and will take Sandals a few years to return to normalcy.
    The planes are still stranded and vacationers are reluctant to fly presently. So the idea of if they build it, thy will come doesn’t look good presently.
    SVG must return to agriculture to help its economy which was agriculture base. Many African countries have learned a hard lesson because the depended on tourism as the main agent for their economy. They have decided to return to agriculture so that they fall into this same situation again.
    I wonder if Julian has learned a lesson because of this virus. He wanted to kill agriculture for tourism and now it’s apparent he was wrong. I know it will be difficult to get farmers back on track because of the eruption, but this can and will show leadership with the agriculture ministry.
    The virus and the eruption clearly show a lack of leadership when there are disasters. Ralph is not the only one who went down the Trump trail. Brazil, India and the US also failed their people. Biden is trying to get the US on track, but there remains many unbelievers and that will make his effort very difficult.

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