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Winfield Sam. (iWN file photo)
Winfield Sam. (iWN file photo)
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A Lower Questelles man is to reappear before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, on Tuesday, for sentencing, having pleaded guilty to beating his girlfriend after she refused to have sex with him.

On Monday, at the same court, Winfield Sam, who is also known as “Winterfresh”, told the court that he was trying to change his life but “the devil is on me”.

Sam pleaded guilty to a charge that on June 4, at Lower Questelles, he unlawfully and maliciously wound Clothilda Durrant, of Redemption Sharpes.

Immediately after entering the plea, Sam indicated that the woman is his girlfriend “and me and she been done talk. Me and she live together”.

The facts of the matter, as presented by prosecutor Sergeant Cornelius Tittle, are that Sam and Durrant are in a relationship and are living at Lower Questelles.

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Last Friday, about 11 a.m., Durrant was at home when Sam came into the house and began arguing with her, demanding sex.

The woman refused, saying that she was not feeling well.

Sam began to choke the woman and beat her about the body with his hands and accused her of having “other man”.

The prosecutor said that this lasted for “pretty much the entire day”.

Later during the day, he beat the woman with a cutlass and a broomstick.

Durrant eventually went to the police and made a report, leading to Sam being charged.

Before hearing from the defendant, the magistrate asked if the virtual complainant was informed of the arraignment, as he demands for matters that come before him.

The investigator told the court that the complainant was notified, but was reluctant to attend and indicated that she wanted her stuff from Sam’s house.

The investigator said she was of the opinion that Durrant was afraid of Sam as she gave the police her sister’s number, saying that Sam does not allow her to have a phone.

“Well, when men behave like that, I respond to them in a different way,” Burnett said.

“It means that the lady is crying out for help.”

Sam told the court that after he beat Durrant, she told him that she wanted to end the relationship.

He said he asked Durrant what she was going to do and she said she was going to the doctor.

He said he asked the woman what she was going to tell the doctor had happened and she said she was going to tell them that he had beaten her.

Sam told the court that he told Durrant that the police would arrest him and if she loves him, she would not allow that.

The magistrate stopped Sam, saying he believes that the defendant was manipulating the virtual complainant.

Sam, who a history of theft-related and other convictions told the court:

“Me go through these things already and me been done ah behave meself.

He said that he and Durrant go to church and are considering getting married.

“But the devil is on me. He after me because he saw like I trying to behave myself —  people like me who used to be in trouble and thing, I stop.

“So this lady just come up thorough unnatural cause,” he said, adding that when Durrant went to the hospital “she just decide to follow the person and tell she whappen”.

Sam said that when Durrant told her the nurse had indicated that she was going to call the police, he told her, “You see what going on.”

The magistrate interrupted Sam, telling him, “You are not going home today.”

He ordered that the man remain in custody and issued a summons for Durrant to appear in court on Tuesday, at which point Sam will be sentenced.

“She is asking for help and I will give her some help tomorrow. You could manipulate her but not me,” Burnett said.  

9 replies on “Man beats girlfriend over sex”

  1. Crisita John says:

    No is no I don’t care if it’s your husband or boyfriend it’s time these guys respect there love ones.

  2. Hashtag Prince says:

    Beautiful, he needs to do penance in Jail!
    By then he would have completely found the Lord and the devil would be done “off” of him.

  3. Duke DeArment says:

    Total respect for the magistrate! If we had a few more like him, (maybe in politics), our society will improve noticeably. I would love to sit for a few hours and a few beers with this magistrate to hear his views on our society and where we are going. He hears this stuff every day. I wonder how it must frustrate and weigh on him. Stay strong Mr. Burnett, and others that are working for our benefit!

  4. Good job, keep him in jail while the female sort out help for herself, these men deserves to rot behind bars.

  5. The female sex really have it hard in SVG. Time and again men and police are doing ugly things to women and little girls. This is a big problem on the island. Everybody know I blame dr. Ralph for everything. it is time the police and the judiciary do their jobs. Next thing they usually send the abuser home after domestic violence and that it. until the jackass go home and kill his wife. Women should not even have to file a case if it is the abuse is obvious and there are witnesses. This joke about battered women not pressing charges against their abusers would be ancient history.

  6. Jannette Burke says:

    The man is a john – beating woman for sex and blaming the devil. If he was listening he’s hear the devil say, I GAVE EVE FOOD when I tempted her, the sex was left up to Adam. This woman would be an ass if she remains in a relationship with him – he’ll do it again, and better for him if she accepts marriage proposal.

  7. Monica Rosa says:

    Brunette put his backside in jail. Devil De pan him my rass. That illiterate need to serve time and those jail men will sure teach him some sense. Let him go beat them up in there. Not even that the majesty court in saint Vincent are very backward. Men are abusing women there and getting away. If the women try to take action they are being branded as bad women. When all the time the men who are doing all the wrong are being set free. If I did nit leave saint Vincent when I did, 8 would have committed a crime where these ignorant and uneducated foolish men is concerned. They need to have classes for these men to teach them etiquette where women are concern.

  8. No means No. The man is a woman beater and then go in the court house with a lot of foolish talk. Who gives him the right to demand sex from the woman, some of these men act like they own the women. He said, the devil is on him also a thief what is she doing with this man am sure she can do better. She is so afraid of him she didn’t even show up in court don’t worry she will be back with the abuser like many women do.

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