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Georgetown Police Station

The guns and ammunition are said to have been stored on the top floor of the Georgetown Police Station. (Internet photo)

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A court, on Monday, heard that exhibits in a criminal matter are missing from Georgetown Police Station.

The revelation comes three days after police announced that guns and ammunition are missing from the same station.

On Monday, prosecutor Sergeant Renrick Cato was forced to ask the Serious Offences Court for an adjournment in a preliminary inquiry into a robbery, because the exhibits were missing.

The inquiry was into an allegation that on Dec. 13, 2019, at Diamonds, villager Asroy Cruickshank robbed Shaquille Barker, of Langley Park, of a pair of Adidas slippers, valued EC$180, and a 14-carat gold chain valued EC$1,000.

Cruickshank is also charged that on the same date and place, he stole a pair of slippers valued at EC$130, the property of Zidon Medica.

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On hearing that the exhibits were missing, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne inquired about which station they were being kept at.

The prosecutor said they were kept at Georgetown Police Station.

On Friday, the Police Public Relations and Complaints Department announced that the Major Crimes Unit had launched an investigation into the disappearance of some firearms and ammunition from the armoury at the Georgetown Police Station.

“The investigation was ordered by Commissioner of Police Mr. Colin John immediately after the discovery was made,” the statement said.

The statement gave no information about the type of firearms and number of rounds of ammunition, the time frame in which they are believed to have gone missing, nor when they were found missing.

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