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By A Concerned Citizen

I have information that I would like to share about the High Court in St. Vincent, regarding particularly, the estate division.

The estate office is responsible for transferring ownership of assets from the deceased to their beneficiaries according to their wills.

However, the office is grossly incompetent. Most persons have been waiting for over a year for a document that can be done in two weeks. Some are even waiting for 2-3 years.

I had submitted the documents, paid over $10,000 in legal fees and $3,000 in government stamps, etc., which is the norm to probate an estate. Yet, for two years now I cannot receive ownership of my property.

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And despite my attempts to follow up, the department does nothing. They disregard the vital role the department serves.

I had to write to you because the inactions of the High Court Office have caused the bank to foreclose the property that was willed to me. I have lost everything. I had a buyer waiting to purchase the property for over a year but the inability of the estate department to provide me with my probate deed resulted in my not being able to close the transaction.

I am not the only person who has suffered this fate. Many lawyers are frustrated with the departments as well. It is ridiculous to think that something that can be done in one month would end up taking over two years.

The situation at the High Court estate division needs to be addressed.

That level of incompetence should not be the standard for our country’s High Court.

It is devastating to believe that person have their entire net worth tied up for years only to result in the losing hundreds of thousands because of their inability to receive ownership of their properties.

What adds to the frustration is the stink attitude of the staff at the High Court. You cannot ask them anything. These persons should not be working at a government institution. Furthermore, they never seem to have updates. Many times I wonder whether they are sleeping on their jobs, because the front desk answers the office line about 50% of the times and the greetings is always informal and lackadaisical.

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3 replies on “High Court estate division frustration”

  1. kendol Gibson says:

    This is an unfortunate situation you had experienced.
    With respect to the court that should have been expedited by the judge and an order given to state that you have fully gain title by deed of assent .
    more so you could have ask that court to issue an injunction staying any foreclosure action untile full title has been transferred to you.

    If there was a bonified buyer with contract and deposit in hand you could have approached the bank to do a assumption of mortgage by the new potential buyer and execute a deed in lue of foreclosure to be held in escrow. to which the court has jurisdiction to stay stay any matter once a filling has been entered into the court dockets.

    so it seems you had bad legal advise also.

  2. Mr. Marxist, Ralph G is to blame. Our democracy is deteriorating fast under this G-ULP administration. The whimsical judiciary is quite culpable of unfair practices, out of spite, incompetence or orders from the political hierarchy above.

  3. gilbertsnuts says:

    That is the difference if you were a member of the inner dynasty circle, or a known supporter of the dynastical regime, you would have got through in a very short time. Unfortunately everything in SVG is political, red or yellow. If you are red you get through, otherwise forget it. Its what is called the scum on scum syndrome. Solidarity and support of the dynastical regime is the key, sorry you were locked out.

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