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Kenrick Quashie. (iWN file photo)
Kenrick Quashie. (iWN file photo)
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By Kenrick Quashie

When Ralph Gonsalves was Leader of the Opposition, he instigated the resignation of former attorneys general Parnell Campbell and Carlyle Dougan for infractions of far less significance than the ordeal involving Senator Ashelle Morgan.

He did so with the support of strong NGOs and civil society organisations and people like Audrey Gittens, Renwick Rose, Noel Jackson and countless others who have now seemingly left their mouth in their “mumma”.

To say that many other Vincentians and I are tired of the disregard for the rule of law and the unjust treatment of some fractions of society is an understatement. To put it colloquially: “As gard, mi fed up!” I am fed up of the silence. I am fed up of the hypocrisy. I hope that these former “champions of democracy” would ask themselves if this is the legacy they wanted to leave for their children and grandchildren. I hope that I am around to see how history records these events and the contributions of so many to the fall of what was once a fair and just state.

For those who cannot remember, the legacy that was created was for the support of an opposition that campaigned against injustice, corruption in government to now endorsing a government that stands behind a politician accused of rape, standing behind a Member of Parliament accused of using a firearm against a citizen who was in the sanctity of his home, standing in support of a diplomat accused of domestic violence in a foreign land, standing in support of a MP who has proven to us that he is unable to travel abroad for any ministerial meeting in all his years as a member of Cabinet.

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I can list more.

If your first defence is to provide an excuse for all the things above, then I am talking to you. Your approach is always to come up with some excuse as to why the actions above don’t point to something illegal. I want you to separate illegal from immoral.

The blatant truth is that Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP have lost their moral authority. They are no longer morally fit to govern SVG.

The latest saga with Ashelle has also proven that Colin John is no longer worthy of the position of Commissioner of Police. Frankly, the Minister of Legal Affairs and National Security ought to resign also. But that happens to be the prime minister, so he is going to use this to make it a political argument rather than a moral one. Again, “Mi fed up!”

Gonsalves were he in opposition would have mobilised civil society to speak out and call for resignations. However, he has strategically dismantled civil society just like he tried to “strategically dismantle the opposition” (those are not my words in quotation marks, they are Ralph Gonsalves’).

I am waiting patiently for Cecil “Blazer” Williams and Renwick Rose to use their weekly column as they did then under an NDP government to call out Ralph Gonsalves and his out of touch administration.

My hope is that on Tuesday all of the unions, the churches and all right thinking Vincentians will join the picket line. Don’t just call for the resignation of Ashelle; do so for Colin John, do so for the Minister of National Security and Legal Affairs.

Imagine we claim to have the best prime minister in the region and we are doing worse than all other OECS countries.

Get over the hand-outs. Ralph Gonsalves has said he wants to use money out of his personal pocket to set up credit union accounts for our children so they can pay for their CXC and CAPE exams (interestingly the NDP said that it will pay for all those exams from the taxes paid at supermarket for basic items).  When those in NCW utilise what is in Ralph’s pocket, what about those children from other constituencies whose MPs pockets are not as deep as Ralph’s? Are you really going to be so selfish and not think about your cousins and relatives in other constituencies?

How many more times must you continue to excuse the incompetence and neglect of ULP parliamentarians because you love Ralph? Get over it!

Yes, this is an article about the prime minister. He is the primary reason we are in a mess. He is the one in charge and he is the one who has to accept responsibility. Stop excusing him and say it’s the people around him. Trust me, he knows fully well what is happening.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines deserves better. We can do better! It is time!!!

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11 replies on “SVG, it’s time to demand better”

  1. Maggie Durham says:

    As you say St Vincent deserve better…my Question is where is the better.Who do you have to replace The PM.No disrespect but you honestly think That Mr Friday can do a better job than Ralph..I personal don’t think so..

  2. gilbertsnuts says:

    Very well put Mr Quashie. But do not expect any time soon that all the old commie scum will come out against what is currently happening under this dynastical regime, because they all believe in solidarity, scum supporting scum regardless of the tyranny and malicious spite.

  3. Everytime somebody writes an article like this I frighten for their victimisation is sure … keep the faith my brother

  4. SVG is in last place, every other islands in the region is miles a head , socially,economically, politically and socioeconomic. In fact SVG is not even trending. SVG is full of incompetent leadership, egotistical individuals, individuals who are driven to keep the population in objective poverty, individuals with transferrable systemic racism, that was inherited by our salve master’s. SVG needs changes now,not tomorrow, not next week,NOW.just saying.

  5. Independent Thinker says:

    Positive and true remarks.

    How do we reach the masses? Let’s hope the masses read, if not we have to find a way to reach the younger generation to promote and guide the change we need.

    Dame changes will be urgent, but others will need structured guidance.

    Teaching of liberation, both critical and independent thinking. A mindset of catching one’s own fish, how small it may be, versus being given a fish.

    Blessing to all who are lending their voices in the united cry of justice.

  6. Please Maggie. Can he do worse than him? I doubt it. He seems to be a more freedom loving leader, less autocratic and has sensible economic policies. I say we can’t do worse.

  7. Nathan Jolly Green says:

    Demand what you want, your demands will never be met.

    Vincentians seem be attracted to nasty, so perhaps it is time they got nasty.

    Spite and malice has been handed out to so many people who have done little more than turned the other cheek. It really is time for real confrontation, time for people to even the score for those so wrongly treated over the last twenty years. .

    The crime of hate has been administered to our citizens with virtually no repercussions, now is the time to end all of that.

    Please O Lord smite the great smite.

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