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A Mt. Grennan/Georgetown woman has been slapped with six traffic charges over the blockage of the road in Kingstown during the protest last week Tuesday, July 6.

Police said on Tuesday that they have Koreen Ballantyne is slated to appear in court on Wednesday on the following charges that:

  • being the driver of motor vehicle PD962, she did play a musical instrument in the said vehicle in a public place without the written consent of the Commissioner of Police,
  • she did stop the said vehicle on a road so as to cause an inconvenience to the public in exercise of common rights,
  • she did fail to remove the said vehicle when requested to do so by a police officer in uniform when it was placed in such a position so as to cause obstruction to the free flow of traffic,
  • she did willfully allow the said vehicle to stand on such a road so as to cause unnecessary obstruction to the free flow of traffic,
  • she did use the said vehicle without there being in force a policy of insurance in respect of third party risk in respect of the user said vehicle; and,
  • she did drive the said vehicle without being the holder of a driving permit.

Ballantyne has been summoned to appear in court at 9 a.m.

10 replies on “Woman charged over ‘roadblock’ during protest”

  1. Take warning says:

    When in 1998 or 1999 when they had the road block revolution and it was said that hey will make country ungovernable , why ar yo na. bin charge the culprits? even the ambulance was obstructed and baby born in it, too much hypocrites in this place. thank Heaven, everything is only for a time

  2. Helter George says:

    So what? Did the parliamentarians who didn’t pay their drivers licenses a few years ago got charged?
    Charge your police officers with these loud music in their vehicles first before charging civilians.

  3. What happen to the driver and vehicle that ran into the crowd in leeward at a political meeting? Asking for a friend.

  4. So at least one current Minister should be arrested and charged for blocking the road at Highway Trading during the Road Block Revolution in March 2000

  5. Sandra Small says:

    What good for the goose must surely be better for the gander. The road block revolution has set a precedent comrade.

  6. Vin, strongly agree , even the ambulance was obstructed that time, Wicked evil heartless demons, their end will be bitter.

  7. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

    TOM, he was the boyfriend of a sister of a member of the dynasty? He was much closer to the top people than was ever disclosed.

  8. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

    Out of time Vin, the cannot prosecute now, they should of then, they should have thrown a lot of people in jail, but this was the beginning of the police complicity.

  9. Mr jim please silence urself. Did u remember road of year 2000??ppl do have the right to protest in what ever form they wish..

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