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5 replies on “VIDEO: Political activist Adriana King speaks about her arrest”

  1. At least Adriana King was not beaten or treated poorly while in custody (apparently detained for no reason except a punishment). Maybe the SVG Police are making progress in treating people properly! As we descend into Authoritarian rule remember that the Brown Shirts of Adolph Hitler went around and mistreated those that did not accept the National Socialist Government. So far the “Black Shirts” have not done that in SVG. I expect that may be different during the next protest.

  2. Kenton should have asked her….what she thought about her being an activist and a teacher and if she thought that she is doing a great job teaching…..????

  3. Vincentians need to fit cameras to their body that are impossible to see, so as to video the POLICE in the way they treat the citizens of svg

  4. Avatar Of Nathan Jolly GreenNathan Jolly Green says:

    Remember the PACE Act was abolished to allow the police to beat up those unfortunate enough to be taken by them.

  5. Avatar Of Nathan Jolly GreenNathan Jolly Green says:

    The police station beating are now a kind of police sport, perhaps they can become part of the next Olympics.

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