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Nicole John, left, and her husband, Cornelius John, outside the Biabou Magistrate's Court, sitting in Calliaqua, on Friday. (iWN photos)
Nicole John, left, and her husband, Cornelius John, outside the Biabou Magistrate’s Court, sitting in Calliaqua, on Friday. (iWN photos)

Nicole John, the wife of shooting victim and threatening language accused, Cornelius John, told the court, on Friday, that she does not wish to proceed against her husband.

This mean that Mr. John would only have to face the threatening language charge in which Senator Ashelle Morgan is the virtual complainant.

Mrs. John told the Biabou Magistrate’s Court, sitting in Calliaqua, that she had come to the decision of her own free will, adding “and sound mind”.

Mr. John made national headlines in April when news broke that he was shot at his Diamond home when three persons came there sometime after 6 p.m. on April 13.

In June, he was slapped with two counts of using threatening language to his wife and one count of using threatening language to Morgan, who is also a lawyer.

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Meanwhile, Morgan was charged with assaulting Mr. John with intent to wound him, while Karim Nelson, an assistant director of public prosecutions,  was charged with wounding Mr. John and unlawfully discharging a firearm at him.

Mr. John was alleged to have threatened his wife by saying “would chop off my neck, sacrifice my head and blood to the devil with me and my children” and “you want me to get a machine gun and kill you and your grandchildren and children and take alyo out”.

The threatening words he is alleged to have used to Morgan are “had grenades and machine guns and that I should not get in his way or he will kill me and his wife”

On Friday, Director of Public Prosecution Sejilla McDowall told the that she wished to addressed two of the three matters against Mr. John and, as such, asked the Mrs. John be called.

Mrs. John then went on oath and told the court that she did not want to proceed against her husband.

Magistrate Bertie Pompey then dismissed the two charges.

As it relates to the charge in which Morgan is the virtual complainant, McDowall told the court that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions intents to have the matter conducted by a prosecutor who is not within the jurisdiction.

The trial was set for Nov. 12.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Nelson are to be tried together at the Mesopotamia Magistrate’s Court.

The next hearing is slated for Aug. 27.

Mr. John is represented by Kay Bacchus-Baptiste, Nelson by Ronald Marks, and Morgan by Duane Daniel.

In May, iWitness News asked Mrs. John if she and her husband had had any confrontation on April 13.

Mrs John said, “Actually, not to my knowing. That’s all I have to say.”

Asked to clarify her statement, Mrs. John, said, “Well, not to my knowing. If two people have confrontation, these two people have to be verbalising these words, right? 

“If me and you have confrontation, that means me and you have to verbalise words; so not to my knowing. That’s all I have to say, please.”

10 replies on “Shooting victim’s wife drops threatening language charges”

  1. Seeing that Mrs. John wants no further action or does not wish to proceed against her husband I am w :ondering if she would be a witness for Ashelle? My gut feelings are telling me that she wants no part of this political drama therefore Ashelle is on her own. There’s a lesson here for Ashelle ” keep out of husband and wife business”


  2. Monica A Rosa says:

    Them people in saint Vincent are real and nonsense people. You think the wife is going to go against her husband when she sees money is involved to be gained by the two assailant. Darn foolish vincentians .

  3. Hello are we missing the point or let me just clarify dem tek we fe Dottish?? seriously people of common sense the man gets shot in his yard but you trying to bring two jump charges to prove what??? As I have said before one can only hope Mr John you receive fair justice for the crime against you, but we are in Saint Vincent and things are carried out properly and fairly here sorry in my dreams

  4. What’s in the darkness must come to light!

    I’m eager to see who the prosecutor is, as there are many prosecutors who have worked for the present regime!

    Tick tock!

  5. Example should be SET against those two (2) should they found GUILTY on any of the CHARGES against them, as for others in high office to follow, svg have too much GUN BANDITS, this blessed land is not the WILD WEST

  6. The fact that Ms John has withdraw the case against Cornelius John, would this help Ashelle’s case or not? Any legal mind on this site?

  7. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

    She has has confirmed he did not say those things to her “Actually, not to my knowing. That’s all I have to say.”

    So why did she bring those charges in the first place and who put her up to doing that?

  8. She mentioned if they had words between both of them, husband and wife she’d must of known. Because they must have to verbalized, and not to her knowing they didn’t. It only said one thing she’s was lying about those threats. Conscience cleared lie don’t stand a chance.

  9. @Jose: Either the prosecution or the defence may opt to call her as a witness. Who will it be?

    As a lawyer, I have a pretty good idea of how this would unfold but professionlism and ethics precludes me from sharing my personal opinion at this stg

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