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Pfizer vaccine

By Donald De Riggs

The international media is now orchestrating another blitz, this time targeting our young children with the announcement that the FDA has given approval to Pfizer to get rid of their remaining first batch of “vaccines”, while trying to scare the rest of the world with the announcement of the delta variant, which they claim is more deadly, and for which they have not yet manufactured a vaccine , because Pfizer admits that the current hurriedly “approved vaccine” will NOT protect anyone from the delta variant.

Nowadays, the buzzword is “peer-reviewed”, and credibility of one’s findings or research is confirmed or rejected via a peer review. Well, the haste with which the FDA gave approval for this “vaccine”, peer researchers couldn’t find a space to review, much less make comments. A Yahoo News article on Aug. 23, states, in part, “This prioritized review entailed government scientists pouring (sic) over hundreds of thousands of pages of safety efficacy data at a rapid fire pace…”    

Now tell me, how can one truly pore over (carefully examine) thousands of documents at “rapid fire pace”, and how come it’s only government scientists and not private scientists that were involved in analysing the data and research findings.  Something does not add up. Pfizer is not concerned about your individual health and welfare, that’s why now that it is “approved”, that they should accept liability, since their product has “passed the test”. Their only concern is about making another trillion dollars while they remain immune from liability.

I say to the “vaccine hesitant”, do not to fall for the bait/trap, and roundly discourage parents of school children and frontline workers from taking any “RNA vaccines”.  What I will encourage everyone, including those who have already taken the “vaccine”, is to keep your immune system in top shape. Eat fruits rich in Vitamin C, get vitamin D products/supplements, get regular exercise and drink herbal teas regularly. Reduce your intake of processed sugars and get some sunshine on your skin to make the Vitamin D more effective.

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In closing, I find it very unethical and against our human rights to pass legislation to make it mandatory for frontline workers to take the vaccine or lose their jobs. Since the virus was announced nearly two years ago, our frontline workers have been working without taking the vaccine and few of them have come down with the disease. Why, because they have been ensuring best practices on the job. If it wasn’t for their vigilance, many positive cases from incoming passengers would have fallen through the cracks and would have made our situation worse. Let me here praise our frontline workers for their diligence on the job, St. Vincent and the Grenadines appreciates your bravery in facing the odds, I salute you, we salute you … you have performed creditably.  Nuff respect!!!

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11 replies on “Pfizer must accept liability with FDA approval of ’vaccine’”

  1. Pfizers have already been approved by CDC which is the final phase of a Vaccination authenticity…FDA is just a body of scientists that continuously monitors the vaccines after they have been approved by CDC!!!!!! stop with the misinformation and lies!!!!!!! I have family and friends in France, Canada and Germany who took the Pfizers and no one complained!!!!!!!!!! Where is your humanity????

  2. Kindly enlighten me. TheSe vaccines have been approved ONLY for experimental use. Have CDC and FDA decided that they have already passed the experimental stage?

  3. I want to give strong support and praise our frontline workers who have battled this virus and protected the nation over the past 2 years. It’s interesting that they have not received a hazard pay despite the added risk and increased work load because I guess parliament had no interest in that but they have an interest in forcing them all to get vaccinated. To frontline workers, I know your wages are very low and the risks of getting ill are high, so do the best you can to protect yourself and your family. That “best” might include migrating to where you are more appreciated.

  4. Sounds like Stephen Joachim needs to do some UNBIASED research!
    I agree with the author. I have lately heard that those responsible for developing the mRNA vaccines telling people not to take it. Even the top executives of Pfizer refuse to take it. THAT IS FACT! Since Bill Gates owns the co-developer of the Pfizer vaccine that is enough information for me to avoid it. It is only getting FDA approval because of politics and money! The only vaccine I would take, at this time if I had to would be the Sputnik-V. The only negative is that many “anti-Russia” countries refuse to except it ONLY because it comes from Russia. These politicians cannot think of people’s health, only money and power politics.

  5. Why doesnt Stephen Joachim write an article counteracting what the writer says?These one line shot in the dark comments are more expected from the vincy parrot (Powa) not from articulate people like Joachim. but then one never knows these vaccine bullies are hell bent on cooking us at all cost. I feel almost certain there is a payout somewhere waiting after we have sacriced young and old on the altar of this grand experiment.

  6. Peter Richards says:

    I Witness News you owe it to your readers to please tell us who is the author of your Columns. For example you could write at the bottom of the column..John Doe, (the author) is ax expert in medicine, is a scientist, is a playwright, is a policeman, is a banker, is a member of think tank get my drift so that after reading the article/column people could put it in some form of context. Thank you.

  7. Tell it like it is says:

    How many of you reading this know personally anyone who have contracted covid or died from it just take a minute and ask in your circle if anyone knows of this I wouldn’t tell anyone to take or not too take a vaccine one thing i can tell you is once you make the decision to take the vaccine it can’t be undone.

  8. Augustus Eston says:

    IWN it’s so ironic that your so call columnists that seems to know more about science than the CDC, FDA and the other leading scientists around the world cannot disclose his or her Qualifications. But they are making scientific recommendations and analysis.

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