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St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on Thursday, recorded its 13th COVID-19 death, the first in several months.

“A 41-year-old female who died suddenly at home on September 9th, 2021, was found to have succumbed to COVID-19. She was not previously known to be COVID-19 positive. She had no known underlying conditions and was unvaccinated. Her death brings the death toll from COVID-19 to 13,” the Ministry of Health said in a press statement.

The statement did not say how health officials determined that the woman died of COVID-19 as, previously, the ministry had said that autopsies are not performed on the bodies of persons who are positive for COVID-19 when they die.

Eight new COVID-19 positive cases were reported from 120 samples processed on Sunday, resulting in a positivity rate of 6.7%.

Two new recoveries were noted over the reporting period, leaving 183 cases active.

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Since March 2020, SVG has recorded 2,521 cases of COVID-19, of which 2,325 have recovered.

“In view of the confirmed presence of the Delta, Mu and Gamma variants in the community and the significant increase in the number of new infections, transmission and severe COVID-19 disease, strict enforcement and compliance with all protocols and recommendations by everyone is strongly recommended.

“The correct and consistent use of masks, avoidance of crowds, physical distancing, proper hand sanitizing and immunization with available vaccines have all been proven to significantly reduce the risk of being infected, getting sick and or dying from the COVID-19 virus,” the ministry said.

2 replies on “SVG records its 13th COVID-19 death”

  1. I think we are having the wool pulled over our eyes. Any Covid information coming from the government is highly suspect. There have been, world-wide, just too much false information from governments based on their desire to force vaccinations. They are offered, usually from financial institutions, rewards if they are successful and funds and incentives held-back if they are not.

  2. You fo l wish person, listen to what is going on. Vincentians you all take heed. There going to be many of you who are demonstrating going to say if me bin know. Asswax

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