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By Rohan E. Providence, president, SVG Basketball Federation

Growing up, we were taught that ”education is the key to escape poverty”, that statement holds quite true today as it did back then. Interestingly accessing education has always been a costly endeavor. Hence, some folks were unable to pursue studies beyond the secondary and local college level (if they were fortunate) without the aid of a loan or a scholarship. 

In recent years the opportunities for studies abroad based on an individuals athletic prowess have greatly increased. Anyone who pays attention must acknowledge that we are a nation that has a host of natural athletes. It is in this vein that the National Basketball Federation is seeking to partner with the government, private individuals and corporate society to provide the platform to open opportunities abroad for the nation’s youths in the field of basketball.

We can draw on the stories of those who have had very successful careers and continue to enjoy such success as a direct consequence of the opportunity they were given. Immediately I must make mention of one who I consider to be our biggest sporting Icon to date, Mr. Adonal Foyle.

Adonal enjoyed a successful NBA career as a player and continues to enjoy success as a member of staff with the Golden State Warriors. He is also a published author and a very successful business owner. He should have been recognised a long time ago as a national icon…. But the stories of success don’t stop there. Recently, we had Sophia Young who has just been inducted into the Texas Basketball Hall of Fame. She also enjoyed a very successful career in the WNBA. There is also Sancho Lyttle, another of our outstanding female athletes who continues to ply her trade in Europe as a very successful player.

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The point I am making here is that the opportunities for our youth and the development and recognition of our nation through sports must come through paving the pathway by forming partnerships. As President of the SVG Basketball Federation, I am appealing to the Government, private individuals and corporate society to partner with us, help us to develop the structure that will ensure the success of our youths through Basketball development, thus opening the doors for wider/broader opportunities.

We need your support. You can contact me at 784-528-7773 /[email protected] to discuss how we can partner together to make this development in behalf of our youth a resounding successful reality.

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