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Twenty-eight COVID-19 deaths have been announced in St. VIncent and the Grenadines since March 2020. (iWN photo)
Twenty-eight COVID-19 deaths have been announced in St. VIncent and the Grenadines since March 2020. (iWN photo)
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By Wayne D. Murray, M.D.

The same way a person wearing a seatbelt can die in accident, so, too, a fully-vaccinated person can die of Covid-19.

A vaccinated person develops some degree of protection to lessen the burden of Covid-19 infection and, thus, is an added tool to have, like a seatbelt worn, but final outcomes still vary.

Why I raise this?

The death of persons that were unvaccinated seems to be the biggest selling point to promote vaccinations. The concept seems straightforward but no one knows if, indeed, the said person would not have died if they were vaccinated, as most have underlying medical conditions. It is also linear reasoning to think that even with vaccinations as primary protection some of the persons might have died still.

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Point to be taken

At present, we have more unvaccinated persons than vaccinated. Probability of death in this scenario is more likely in the unvaccinated group. When both groups are near even (50/50) we would possibly see a number of vaccinated persons die of Covid-19 and it is at this point that using death as selling point could backfire.

The use of death as a point in promoting vaccinations is akin to using salt as a flavouring ingredient. You have to know that point of limitation as if you overstep it, you ruin your meal — and it does not take much to do so!

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17 replies on “More advice to the death counters”

  1. Good perspective.That is why, as I have mentioned, that overseas, al least as many vaccinated people die as unvaccinated. Some say the vaccinated die 2 to every 1 unvaccinated!.

  2. Maybe you could use your expertise and knowledge to give sound scientific advice to the people of our country, facing increase covid infection and deaths.

  3. Yes except in the rest of the world, countries with high 2nd dose uptake STILL see MUCH higher death rates, serious infection rates, hospitalization rates , intensive care rates, and long covid rates in the unvaccinated vs the fully vaccinated. As you well know.
    If you want to argue that unvaccinated count includes those with 1 of 2 doses too, you are right.
    You aren’t half pregnant, or half married or half murdered. You are also not half vaccinated.
    Reporting speculation and ignoring facts isn’t reporting either. It’s murdering people. Have at it. It’s you, especially as a Doctor, who will answer to God for that. Just advice to the death causers from a death counter.

  4. Thank you Dr Murray for writing clearly and with courage. All too often we bark at each other rather than talk to each other.
    The warning you offer should put us on guard.

  5. Christian Anderson says:

    I do not agree with the rational in this article. The medical science strongly tell us that we are given vaccinations, that we develop immunity against this or the other sickness or death. The only science that may be questioned is wether we require one or two or three vaccine doses or whether it is a third strength for children. I suggest a great rethink of the contents of this article.

  6. TIRED OF THEM says:

    I totally agree and the fact that no family member is challenging the release of their dead loved ones vaccination status being released publicly is dumbfounding. This needs to stop. The scare tactics, fearmongering and now illegality needs to stop!

    But they will piss off the wrong family eventually! It seems like we only sign on to patient privacy charters et al for convenience sake!

  7. love visiting st vincent says:

    Dr. Murray, you make no sense in your statement, especially when you say lets see when its a 50/50 split for vaccination or non – vaccination. I live in an area of Canada that has almost 89% vaccinated. our hospitals are 99% full of unvaccinated, all the funeral homes are full of unvaccinated. Maybe you should change your profession and become an Embalmer but with the rate of deaths increasing dramatically you wont have much spare time to work out mathematical calculations to see if its wise to be VACCINATED

  8. Why curse the doctor? Do you really UNDERSTAND what he is saying? The reports are inadequate. Give the whole story. State, if you will, that those who died were unvaccinated. When those who are vaccinated die, say so too. When those who are unvaccinated recover, tell the nation. When those who are vaccinated recover, tell the nation. Educate. Be HONEST. That’s what the doctor is saying. Instead of harping on the fact that the dead were unvaccinated trying to scare people into getting jabbed, give all the facts. Lay it out properly and there will be an uptake. People can then weigh their options and make a proper, educated decision.

  9. Mr. Murray, and I say Mr. because I can’t believe someone in the medical profession would publish such nonsense. Your article is pointless and irresponsible. Your argument that “no one knows if, indeed, the said person would not have died if they were vaccinated, as most have underlying medical conditions,” is a straw man. All of the evidence, not only in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere, have shown that the vast majority of people who are occupying the Intensive Care Units (ICU), pushing the medical establishments to the brink and deaths are the unvaccinated. I am not an apologist for the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but they’re not doing anything other governments in the developed world are not doing. And your point to be taken that “[w]hen both groups are near even (50/50) we would possibly see a number of vaccinated persons die of Covid-19 and it is at this point that using death as selling point could backfire,” is pointless. The fact is, people are dying-and many needlessly-and the government is trying to prevent that. So, stop your rubbish, Mr. Murray!

  10. nancysauldemers says:

    I understand that Dr. Murray’s musings are to be considered an opinion piece and not a news story, but the simple fact that iWitness News has published his irresponsible writing lends it credibility that it does not deserve. IMHO, your disclaimer does not go far enough to absolve you of responsibility in this case, Kenton. If you feel you must allow all comers like him space on your platforms no matter how misleading their content, I feel you should at the very least offer some cold hard facts to balance their ramblings – facts about the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths in various jurisdictions around the world that prove Dr. Murray’s speculations are without any reasonable base whatsoever. In this day and age, with all the access we have to information from credible sources across the globe, I absolutely cannot believe that Dr. Murray is completely oblivious of the reality in nearby countries and those that are far flung.

  11. Concerned Citizen says:

    Wonder Wendy, please engage your two brain cells before posting, that is if you can recall one from its permanent holiday.

  12. As far as I see there will remain varying opinions on this. While the deaths here are among the unvaccinated, provided the entire report is true, some countries abroad report deaths among the vaccinated, though some may have serious underlying issues.
    I wish to suggest that people get serious with drinking suitable hot water a few times daily as a protection to kill the virus in the throat if it gets there, before reaching the lungs and proving possibly fatal. Keep observing the protocols as well.

  13. St. Vincent is not the only place going through this PANDEMIC. We don’t have to make incoherent speculations. There are many places with a 50/50 ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated. More than 99% of their deaths are still unvaccinated. The highly vaccinated areas of the world (<70%) are not experiencing high death rates. The vaccine has been shown to greatly limit the spread of the virus.

    This kind of nonsense coming from someone with a Dr. before their name will lead to more deaths.

  14. Lisle S Brown says:

    Does to medical report show the cause of death.? if so what is the possibility as a percentage that it could have been from a more dominating reason.

  15. What I will really like to hear is the adverse
    reactions and probable deaths due to the vaccine. , the post vaccine complications ….I heard one from Jamaica on the 3rd Oct and one from the British parliament in britian, THE COVID VACCINE DAMAGE BILL. Do you think that you will ever hear any from this country?? I do not think so. I once ask a doctor on a talk show platform about any adverse effects , as a nurse I was very amazed over his answer. May God help us. Blood clots, low platelets, menstrual disorders, inflammation of the heart, stroke, deaths., were all aired in the covid vaccine damage bill. Do this leave one to suggest that everyone should come here to get the jab?

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