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The scene of the accident in Kearton, Barrouallie.
The scene of the accident in Kearton, Barrouallie.
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A primary school student is said to have died today, Wednesday, after being struck by a minivan in Keartons, Barrouallie while on his way to school. 

The Traffic Branch, in Kingstown, told iWitness News shortly after 10 a.m. that they had no information about such an accident. 

However, the Police Public Relations Department said that a sergeant of police had been dispatched to the scene and was yet to report back to the office.

The department said that they could not say whether the child had actually died. 

Residents of the Central Leeward community told iWitness News that the child, a male, was struck by the minivan as he was going to school with an adult relative.

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The child was rushed to hospital and is said to have subsequently died, residents said. 

A video obtained by iWitness News shows people lifting up the child, who appears to be bloodied and limp.

The audio in the video suggests that the child was being taken to a vehicle for transportation to hospital.

6 replies on “Child reportedly dead after being struck by van in Bagga”

  1. Accident waiting to happen! Especially when there is a football game at the field bordered by the Leeward Highway. Try walking along the roadway between Keartons and Bagga, day or night. It is dangerous for pedestrians and more so for our school children having to traverse that route twice daily. As a parent you hold your breath until you see your child return from school each day. No sidewalks (paved or in paved) in many areas. Rusted and uncovered drain holes. Total neglect of the people’s safety! So sorry for the family who is in mourning for their lost child. Risk management is seriously lacking with respect to those entrusted with our welfare. We must hold them accountable and boot them to hell out! They just don’t care . Remind them of this when they come back again to ask for your vote. Stop settling for their handout Poor Relief crumbs. Demand safe and better access to your homes. Do NOT sit quietly and bury your dead! Hold them accountable.

  2. Not all minibus driver drive badly on our roads, sometimes we have to blame the parents, they walking one way and the children’s the other without keeping an eye on the kids, so these things will happened, parent and children need to be educated on road safety, our condolence goes out to the family, each accident is one too much

  3. Start to Jail and suspend license of them wutliss bunch of madmen driving passenger vans. The same thing happened just the other day. People who saying is the parent fault are heartless jumbies who don’t love their children.

  4. No one should be speeding in a residential area. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more because minivans are gunning often in areas kids and others live in. I remember at about age 5 when several kids from same Kearton’s got killed by vehicle. It was horrific. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s not easy to lose a lil kid especially in this way. May the community comfort the bereaved family and may God strengthen them it what has to be their most difficult moment.

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