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The drama surrounding the trial of government senator, Ashelle Morgan, a lawyer, and Karim Nelson, and assistant director of public prosecution continued with their acquittal on Thursday, Nov. 18, 2021.

Kenton Chance reports…

6 replies on “VIDEO: Drama continues with senator, prosecutor’s acquittal”

  1. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

    An absolute disgusting matter. No private person can possibly have the right to go to a mans house and shoot him, regardless of what he has said or done.

    The words of Duane Daniel in this video tells all.

  2. It is the most rigged trial I have seen in my 60+ years! When any other person does anything even related to possibly against the law, there is always a string of charges. In this case the charges were few, then, trespassing was not even allowed.
    The people of Saint Vincent got a clear message that these elites that have the right friends can probably get away with anything and get of scott free. This is the most shameful display of a system of justice this nation has ever seen!

  3. One of the first things I wish to say is not about the case. It has to be said:
    Saint Vincent looks so incredibly stupid that these people that are supposed to be educated and intelligent are all wearing masks outdoors. You do not see this in any other country on earth! ALL studies have concluded that masks do nothing to prevent or stop the spread of Covid. I CHALLENGE ANYONE TO PRESENT CREDIBLE EVIDENCE THAT THEY STOP OR SLOW THE SPREAD OR PROTECT THE WEARER. No one can because such studies DO NOT EXIST! There is no proof that anyone has ever even contracted covid from someone outdoors in daytime. (at night that may be different but it is well proven that any sunlight instantly kills the virus).
    Maybe this trial proves that not only does SVG not believe science but we also do not believe in a proper presentation of the facts of a trial.
    I cannot understand how the court maneuvered to get this verdict, and I can barely understand anyone in this video because they are all wearing their silly security pacifier masks outdoors.

  4. Now they are going to convict John and they will do more. Everybody know that Nelson was involved by his own addmission. Hé had a different take on what happend but that never came up in courts. This was ambush in broad daylight.

  5. I have a very hard time digesting the outcome of this serious matter!A man is in his home and three people come to his residence and someone shot him period ,spent shell was found and no one is charged.Oh the woman could have acquired a license to carry a gun. What if she had a gun and didn’t have a license?They came there to prevent a domestic problem to exculpate.So John shot him self?So why the police don’t invistigate who shot John?People wake up! which one of you will like this to happen to you or someone?

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