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SVG has been struggling with it vaccination numbers.
SVG has been struggling with it vaccination numbers.
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By Raw Philosophy 

The Prime Minister, in his self-purported God-like wisdom, has evidently neglected to appreciate that mandates also have consequences. This intellectually ailing Prime Minister has mandated COVID-19 vaccination for so-called frontline workers through the use of a Statutory Rule & Order. 

First of all, it is crystal clear that some of these workers do not fall under the accepted definition of “frontline workers”. In fact, they are only “frontline” because the Prime Minister, in his distorted wisdom and bent logic, has deemed them to be so. The remaining handful of his worshippers choose to substitute good sense and logic for the Prime Minister’s mis-definition of “frontline”, beautifully packaged and presented on every media platform that would feature him.

Secondly, the mandates were all discussed and finalised outside of the sovereign Parliament, which comprises also the opposition. The Prime Minister, along with his cabinet, CMO and other YES men devised these mandates and then went to Parliament to put the stamp of legitimacy on them, completely ignoring any contribution from the opposition which represents the majority of Vincentians. And then it becomes law. 

And that’s what you call democracy? That may be the current law but it’s certainly not democracy. Is democracy mandating vaccination for the significant majority of the population against their will? How can you be acting in the public’s interest when the public does not support it? Who exactly is the public in the Prime Minister’s eyes? It would have made more sense to say that the mandates are implemented in the interest of the economy, but certainly not the public. Again, the Prime Minister used to be an intelligent man so people are accustomed to accept whatever he says without question, not so Johnny P?

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Thirdly, workers are given a choice to take the vaccine against their will, under duress, really, or face the sanction of being terminated. Do they choose to lose their jobs or is the loss of their jobs the sanction for choosing not to get vaccinated? Again, the Prime Minister in his bent logic has argued that it is not mandatory if there is no legal penalty. Seriously? Does anyone really accept his definition of mandatory? In fact, you are told, ordered, commanded, directed to get vaccinated or else. What is that “or else”? A choice? Certainly not. It is the consequence of not doing what you are directed to do. In any case, mandatory or not, the policy which requires vaccination is worst than a legal penalty. A legal penalty might have been a fine or imprisonment for a few months, still not as bad as losing your livelihood, i.e., your ability to pay your mortgage, pay student loans, consumer loans, buy food, send your kids to school, etc. It is sad when a nation is ruled by a man who seems to believes he is God on earth. He believes only his views matter.

Finally, the Prime Minister couldn’t care less about the consequential unemployment and hardship of Vincentians, even those who voted him into power. This country’s economy is getting worse and those who can are migrating quickly because if you haven’t noticed. Well, open your eyes and notice and stop playing blind. What is the current vaccinated percentage? Will that get to 70% after the remaining frontline workers are vaccinated? Certainly not, who is next? The students? The babies? I don’t intend to stick around and find out. Good luck to anyone who reluctantly took the vaccine and is getting comfortable in their government job. Brace yourself for a booster shot or more mandates. Well, constitutional rights and freedoms carry no weight, they can easily be taken away, haven’t you heard? If you win a case against the government and they refuse to pay, what’s next? What a mess on a country! Oh yeah, choices have consequences, but so do mandates. 

Victimisation is real so I have to remain anonymous.

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One reply on “Choices have consequences, but so do mandates”

  1. To remain silent in a time when you should speak is cowardice and betrayal. I am appalled by the way Vincentians are being treated by their government. A nation that has seen so many unfortunate things happening to their country, in such a quick succession, should not be treated in this manner by the government. The way the political regime is dealing with our nation is evidence of a lack of compassion, love and understanding, for our people. One is forced to ask the question, is the government settling a vendetta against our nation? How far will you go in raining suffering on our people? I would like to remind the government of St.Vincent that,TIME IS LONGER THAN TWINE AND HISTORY WOULD NOT REMEMBER THIS DAY VERY KINDLY. I would like to warn our people very early as well, to remember that, what is in the goat is in the kid. In the Bible (1Kings 12) Rehoboam told the people of Israel that, his father chastised them with whips but he will chastise them with scorpions. My fellow Vincentians please remember and seek the face of God.

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