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The virtual complainant, Cornelius John outside the court in Calliaqua on Monday, Nov. 15, 2021. (iWN Photo)
The virtual complainant, Cornelius John outside the court in Calliaqua on Monday, Nov. 15, 2021. (iWN Photo)
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While the court acquitted the two people charged in connection with the gunshot to his left leg at his home on April 13, Cornelius John said that God sees them as guilty.

“I had expected that. Seeing the type of people, the work they hold, the position they hold. And being a man of God, God already told me what would have been the outcomes,” John told reporters in Calliaqua on Thursday, after the court ruling.

Magistrate Bertie Pompey upheld no case submissions and acquitted government senator Ashelle Morgan, a lawyer and deputy speaker of the house of Assembly on a charge that she assaulted John, at  Diamond Estate, on April 13.

Karim Nelson was also acquitted on charges that he unlawfully and maliciously wounded John and unlawfully discharged a firearm at him, also at Diamond Estate, on April 13.

“Being a man of God, following in righteousness, the Holy Spirit already told me these people — they can get around the court of law with man, but in His presence they are guilty,” John said.

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“He said he would not destroy them at this time. He would leave them to get wealth but if he destroys them, people would forget what happen. He would leave them so they would get wealth. After getting wealth, they will not be able to enjoy the wealth. This case is not about me and me alone. It is about the nation, where God is speaking about injustice in the nation and he himself is going to deal with it.

“From the beginning, I said man can get away with man in the court of law by some way or the other but with God, when you’re guilty, you are  guilty. God has the final say. This battle, they might [have] won it but the victory belongs to Jesus.”

John is awaiting trial on a charge that on April 13, at Diamond, he used threatening language to Morgan. 

Asked if he was optimistic that the court would treat him fairly, he said:

“It is a possibility that they would follow their pattern.  The unrighteous is the unrighteous. The unrighteous might be saying right now, ‘Where is your God? Your god didn’t come through for you.’ But this is one battle; the final victory belongs to God.”

Click video to watch Cornelius John speak about the outcome of the case.

5 replies on “In God’s presence ‘they are guilty’ — John”

  1. Nathan Jolly Green says:

    In the presence and beliefs of the Vincentian people they are guilty. Everyone living in SVG knew what the final outcome would be. It is a national, regional and international disgrace.

    The ULP is already known as the Unity Liars Party, from the leadership to the minions there is daily living proof conected to that rebranding.

    If you want a commy for a neighbor vote labour.

  2. I wrote some comments earlier which I am assuming have been held up or deleted
    So, my concerns are what is the problem with what pertains to the sequencing of information that was gathered and to point out what to me in opinion and concerns about violence against women and girls. To my understanding this part of the trial was brushed aside and the laws and the courts need to be serious in curtailing violent threats that are made particularly by male and often are carried out against women and girls

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