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Cornelius John outsdide the court in Calliaqua, after the charge against him was dismissed today, Friday, Nov. 26, 2021. (iWN photo)
Cornelius John outsdide the court in Calliaqua, after the charge against him was dismissed today, Friday, Nov. 26, 2021. (iWN photo)
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The case against Diamond Estate resident Cornelius John, 63, who was shot at his home on April 13, was dismissed moments ago at the Biabou Magistrate’s Court, sitting in Calliaqua.

John was charged that on April 13, at Diamond Estate, he used threatening language to Ashelle Morgan, a lawyer, government senator and deputy speaker of the House of Assembly.

The matter against John was dismissed, without going to trial, just over a week after Morgan was freed, after a six-day trial, on a charge that she assaulted John by pointing a gun at him at his home on April 13.

John was not in court when his case was called at 10:29 a.m. and Director of Public Prosecution, Sejilla McDowall, told the court that she had had a conversation with the investigator, detective Corporal Henry Hoyte, who indicated that John was on his way.

The DPP said that Hoyte had further told her that John was at his business place when he was informed about the sitting.

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She said that the detective had further indicated that the defendant was on his way to court, having gone to Biabou, instead of Calliaqua.

John walked into the courtroom about a minute after Magistrate Bertie Pompey stood the matter down.

When the matter was recalled at 10:38 a.m., the DPP told the court that the complainant was not in court and that the prosecution had received certain information from Hoyte.

Ashelle Morgan
Senator Ashelle Morgan arrives at the Calliaqua Magistrate’s Court for her trail on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021. (iWN photo)

Mc Dowall asked that the court allow Hoyte to take stand.

The detective then took the stand and told the court, under oath, that he had a telephone conversation with Morgan on Tuesday, Nov. 23, in respect of the court matter.

“She said that she is requesting no further evidence. She is not coming to court; she will be out of the country. She requests no further action,” Hoyte told the court.

“Case dismissed,” Pompey siad, and John walked out of the courtroom.

After exiting the court, John told iWitness News:

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. When you are innocent, you are innocent. I am innocent of what the charge was and I guess whoever made the charge realise that they have no point.”

He said he felt “blessed of the Lord” but had been looking forward to testifying in the matter. 

John said he was informed about the matter Friday morning.

“About 9:45, they called me and say the matter was going to be called. I was doing some work so I just pick up — I first went to Biabou so I thought was Biabou the case gonna be called so I went to Biabou and wasn’t there so I had to hustle and come back down here. I didn’t have anytime to get together different from this.”

In a trial that ran from Nov. 10 to 18, Morgan was tried along with Karim Nelson, an assistant director of public prosecution, who was accused of unlawfully and maliciously wounding John by shooting him in the left leg. 

Nelson was also charged that he unlawfully discharged a firearm at him at Diamond Estate on April 13.

Morgan and Nelson were acquitted when Pompey upheld no case submissions by their lawyers, after six days of hearing evidence. 

16 replies on “Senator Morgan drops charge against John”

  1. Well, the C. John matter is now officially over […] even the dish run away with the spoon. C. John can now nurse his injuries by himself. One question, (so) C. John only knew the morning of the trial that he was due in court? Well, talk about check mate. Papa is a real life Chest-master!?

  2. Early this morning 2kool said this is how this case was going to end.. so say so done!! Its a crying shame this has happen to Mr.John.. No Justice.

  3. John was beaten, threatened and shot on his ( Mr John’s) property and then to top it off he was charged. Now the charges that were trumped up against Mr John have been dropped.
    I think Vincy is revolutionizing law. If you’re aligned with the present government the law doesn’t apply to you and you’re always right no matter what. It’s virtually impossible to break the law.
    I also think there’s some money to be made by our government if we promise investors and the like that they’ll have immunity as far as the law goes if they align themselves with the world Boss.

  4. Tia, even the suckling babies knew the outcome. This is a country where justice is for friends, family, the rich and all those who are in position and supports a particular party, the rest must suffer and die.

  5. After the other decision this decision was to be expected. If it were to go forward it would have been something like adding insult to injury. Obviously Justice was not done. A clear message has been sent to the people that there are “untouchables” in SVG that will probably never have to answer for any crimes no matter what.
    If anyone thought the elites felt emboldened before, just wait for what we will certainly see in the near future. I predict some of us that have worked so hard to get land or a property are going to have it taken away by elites that take a fancy to it, or, as we have seen, will pass it on to others to get votes.

  6. Afraid Lawyer Ms. B “Afraid Carl”

    The concocted Lies and plot were exposed by some of the players and witnesses in the last court. and no one takes Lawyer Ms. Bacchus lightly and a push over. Emails, chats, and telephones records will now come in, and other evidences that was denied in the other Case.

    Plus, the ghosts (Doppies) that went to Mr. John’s house that evening and shot him may reveal since human did not do it, The Lawyer Ms. B… may use her magic and have Doppies Reincarnated into human form which may veal true identities, so my best choice is to drop the case: Because I am Afraid of Lawyer Ms. B. with watchful brief.

    my to cents

  7. They might think they get way but Karma is a bitch, she got everybody’s address,phone number,know their entire family,and trust me she will visit…wicked bitches…..

  8. The Ulp has neutralized the law. The law is for non ulp. The basic foundation of the law where the law must not only be done but must be seen to be done as in Regina v Sussex does not applicable to the Ulp.

  9. C’est un fait accompli. It was bound to happen that way. It was designed that way fron the start and very predictiable. However, voters will rememeber her unkindĺy should she decide to take a political baptism in the future. That will certainly be her karma. Time is longer than twine.

  10. Justice have friends in St Vincent and injustice have its victims also. The untouchables are shielded by the system. This will be the comrade’s legacy for deviding the nation.

  11. The whole thing was stupid…can’t imagine how big lawyers, judges and all.types didn’t see this..From the time she brought a counter-charge of verbal threats….that automatically places her at the scene of the incident on the same day..
    ….so everyone with common sense saw right through that whole scam of a trial

  12. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

    Only one man has the political ability and judicial control, legal brain and intelligent insight to be able to arrange the manipulation of this matter and getting the result that was handed down. Silence is golden, and golden bollocks has suddenly become silent.

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