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By Donald De Riggs

The errant move by the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to replace health workers with foreign health workers amounts to an outright abuse of diplomatic privilege as this debacle could have been averted if the government had listened to the population. 

Remember we are dealing with the forced application of an EXPERIMENTAL “vaccine”, which, according to both local and international laws, can only be administered to persons who voluntarily request it. The nappingPublic Service Union representing nurses, among other government workers, has not even publicly decried the move, including picketing the Cuban embassy here and writing the local ambassador a strong letter denouncing the move.  Additionally, what is the role and position of the Cuba/SVG Friendship society, if it still exists?

While we have always welcomed both material and manpower support from our Cuban friends, this is not in the aftermath of a hurricane or volcanic eruption.  This is our internal affairs that is being interfered with, by supplanting our medical professionals who, for valid reasons, are resisting the EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE.   If, let’s say, our nurses took the jab and died en masse and there was a shortfall of nurses, I could see the government requesting assistance to fill that void.  But this is not the case in this scenario.

Bringing Cuban health workers to replace Vincentians is one of the worst strategies that can and will sour the amicable relations we have developed with Cuba and Venezuela.   This is a national affair that can be solved domestically, if the government had first consulted with the public in general about the use of an EXPERIMENTAL treatment on its population.  We all have the right to know what is in those vaccines and have to right to say NO if our conscience says NO to that type of medication, if it can be truly described as a medication.  More and more fully vaccinated persons are dying within weeks of taking the jab here in SVG and the list is growing.  I hope one of the most recent “vaccine casualties” is now enjoying a $50 meal in peace.

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To compound the bad vibes with the Cuban health replacement workers, a similar strategy has been employed to replace teachers by university graduates who are NOT trained teachers.  Pedagogy, the science of teaching, is a necessary term of training required by all modern day teachers, in order to deliver knowledge to unlearned persons.  It requires a particular method for a particular age group. Therefore, to just pick up a graduate in applied maths, science or art and put them in a classroom without formal pedagogical training will be a disaster in the making and undermines the role of the SVG Teachers’ Union and the teaching profession.  This move by the government, is a slap in the face of the SVGTU, it shows disrespect and disregard for the educators of this country.

The Bar Association is also mum, save for a few that history will remember for their staunch opposition to an outright breach of our fundamental human right, the right to freedom of conscience.   It is time that our lawyers state their position or opposition to the violation of our human rights.  The public health act which makes it MANDATORY to take the chook or lose your job, is just as wicked as the apartheid laws in South Africa which had to be fought against, resisted and finally repealed.    

It would appear that the fully vaccinated are now suffering from “brain fog” and can’t seem to think straight anymore. They are living zombies just waiting for their moment to kick the bucket.   And to the “informed” or “misinformed” young lady who is advertising the vaccine online, I hope when she comes down with complications from the vaccines she took, can do another video saying how detrimental the vaccine really turned out to be.

I close with my mantra, by encouraging all to keep their immune system healthy and to resist any legislation forcing workers to be vaccinated or lose their job. JOIN THE PROTEST wherever it shows up and SAY NO to MANDATORY VACCINATIONS and resist any attempts to put an EXPERIMENTAL chemical into your children.

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7 replies on “Abuse of diplomatic privilege”

  1. People has the right to what they put in their bodies and that act of bringing Cuban health care workers is an abuse of power.

  2. I for one as a Vincentians abroad think that the ulp government has done the right thing in replacing those medical personnel who refuse from taking the shots. Yes replace them. They are the first ones who should be willing to take the shots in the ass re be dealing with the public. Good for the their backside. Let them stay out of work. Asswax.

  3. Anthony williams says:

    Cuba, Venezuela, please leave us to die of our ignorance, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make the DONKEY drink it.
    I would just hopefully add, that the purposefully unvaccinated stay at home when they get seriously sick after consuming bush tea, Ivermectin or any other medication of their choice, and if this does not work stay the hell away from the hospital, so we have a fighting chance e of maintaining our health service. Good luck and God speed to those groups.

  4. Of course bringing Cuban nurses at this time is a slap in the face of Vincentians not just local Nurses. The Nurses have legitimate concerns at the main Hospital and in the community but some feel that no one cares. They are sending in more sick leaves and are resigning in higher numbers.
    Instead of the Ministry of health dealing with the issues they choose instead to get Cuban nurses. Those Cuban nurses unfortunately will find themselves between disgruntled local nurses on one hand and a system that does not care on the other hand. Either way the patient suffers.

  5. Good words!
    Notice and remember: This SVG Government only goes by the law when it benefits them. They ignore the law whn it does not suit their purpose. Maybe that is why the people have no trust in them. I am sure they will construe some minor law to justify whatever they wish, even if it trespasses and shoots in the foot the Constitution, all major laws or any rights the people may think they have.

  6. Why are you allowing these non sense articles. Where are the facts ?
    It’s crazy you would allowed such an article.
    I’m witnessing anti-vaxxer propaganda.
    It’s really sad someone would waste so much time writing such an article and lying to his readers.
    People, please be smarter than that and don’t believe these lies.

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