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Photo: Getty Images.
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Twenty-eight people in the nursing service at the Ministry of Health, had not taken a COVID-19 vaccine as of last Friday, the end of a 10-day grace period under the law that came into effect on Nov. 19.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said on NBC Radio, on Wednesday, that, generally, there are 382 nursing personnel. 

Those who chose not to be vaccinated are made up oftwo ward managers, 13 staff nurses — five of whom are midwives — seven nursing assistants and six nursing aides. 

“And of that number, if I understand this report carefully, 10 of them [sought] medical exemption. But as I’ve said, there are others who sought religious exemption and six of them got but four of them declined to take the exemption because they’re not going by the conditions,” the prime minister said.

People who receive exemption and are “accommodated” in non-“frontline” posts by the government, have to undergo frequent testing, wear two masks, and abide by any other conditions stipulated by the chief medical officer.  

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Under the mandatory vaccine law, which was passed by the Cabinet, public sector workers for whom COVID-19 vaccines are required, are considered to have abandoned their jobs, if they had not taken the jab or obtained an exemption by last Friday. 

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  1. This whole draconian approach by Scumrat is wrong. The vaccine is good and safe but people just don’t trust Scumrat and his posse when they say it. This is so sad. it is like reverse psychology? Again, Stupidity rules when there are no rules. in some places even with rules stupidity still rules.

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