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Child sex crime
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The 35-year-old security guard charged with two counts of indecent assault in connection with a video showing a 4-year-old girl performing fellatio on him has been jailed for his crime.

On Monday, Jan. 3, 2022, the Family Court jailed the man, who is originally from Roseau, Sion Hill, but lives in Mesopotamia, to four years for his crime.

The man faced a maximum of five years in prison on each count.

iWitness News is not disclosing the name of the man because  other media outlets have mentioned the relationship between him and the child.

Therefore, publication of his name can help to identify the victim of the sex crime, an offence contrary to Section 11 of the Family Court Act, an offence punishable by a fine of up to EC$500 or a maximum of six months imprisonment. 

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The man pleaded guilty to one count of indecent assault of the child, committed between Dec. 31, 2019 and Jan. 1, 2021, and another on Dec. 29, 2021, the day that the video of the child performing the sex act became public.

Police have warned the public that it is a crime to be in possession of or to circulate the video. 

In a press statement last week, police reminded the public that it is a criminal offence to produce, make available, distribute, procure, possess or obtain child pornography in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

19 replies on “Man in child pornography video jailed”

  1. Hetty+Johnson+ says:

    I am speechless! Further investigation could have been done and a higher sentence could have been arrived at. I am sure that’s not his first encounter.

  2. Wow just wow hope he gets wats coming to him
    Who really is that judge was he in his right mind wen passing that silly sentence

  3. Disgusting What is. Saint Vincent and the carribean island is becoming now. All these things happen in foreign with their disgusting pedophile and disgusting retards.

  4. Jeanie Ollivierre says:

    Where was the child’s mother when the act was taking place is my first concern and the second is why didn’t the police charge him for developing & sharing the porn? Vincentians particularly women need to lobby for stiffer penalities & get rid of reduction of time served because of 1st offence or guilty plea. Five years just encourages more men to continue to be disgusting, capitalise on POWER & CONTROL & Treat womem, whether young or old as chatels & abuse us.

  5. The couture of Vincentians is to be blame for a number of reasons.. Child molestation have been tolerated for to long that given him 5 years seems enough when he should be given 15 years…..

  6. Ridiculous but I’m not surprised smh svg fail victims of sexual abuse. They aren’t a priority and it’s sad, I lost respect for that country smh.

  7. For once I have to agree with all the comments. The system has gone to the dogs and I can’t believe there is a law that protects these nasty mf identity

  8. bertina roberts says:

    the mother should get a jail too an that not enough years he get the judge not ready yet wat if the child was the judge own is that the years will have still give to this man ahah jesus take the wheel

  9. That act was inhumane but we cannot past sentences.. how many family homes are suffering because of inhumane acts?? If anyone havnt sin can throw the first stone..

  10. How can anyone blame the judge? He can only give the maximum sentence under the law. The government is to be blamed for not amending the law a long time ago but how can anyone expect anything else when the prime minister [had been accused of rape]? […]

  11. I think the judge should be investigated do some checks in his phone and his computer mek sure he not a pedo to…just seem weird he inly gave him 4 years.

  12. “The Man” why not call his name. These wicked perverts should be listed in a registry so people can know them!!!

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