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Workers and guests in Mustique have been told that there is “a steady but worrying increase in ‘positive’” COVID-19 cases on the island — a playground of the world’s rich and famous.

The cases are a mixture of both staff and guests, said Roger Pritchard, managing director of Mustique Company, which manages the island that is part of the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Pritchard said in an email obtained by iWitness News that while none of the positive cases have been particularly ill, it is not possible for persons to leave the island unless they are COVID-19 negative.

“Therefore, your travel arrangements could be severely disrupted,” he said, adding that in certain public areas, persons would see more masks being worn by staff.

“This is to protect you and the staff and to minimise potential spread,” he said.

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“Please, can I remind you all to be thoughtful, careful and responsible to your staff and other guests. We must respect the fact that some of us are more vulnerable than others and a small minority are not vaccinated.”

Pritchard asked that people hosting social gatherings check their staff and guests “to ensure that they are all safe and have not been in contact with ‘positive’ persons in their respective houses or at the Cotton House Hotel.

“If we are all careful, we can continue to enjoy our holidays but must be vigilant. Only the medical team and Dr. Michael are responsible for medical protocols here, so if you are given guidance, please follow that advice to the letter and do not question it, however well informed you think you may be”.

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